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Type   Size Cost Free Pass for
NN18 or ISFOE18
ACADEMIC   2m2 (1 side open) 800 euros 1
STARTUP   3m2 (1 side open) 1100 euros 1
MINIMAL   4m2 (1 side open) 1300 euros 1
STANDARD   9m2 (2 sides open) 2000 euros 2
LARGE   18m2 (3 sides open) 3800 euros 3



2 X 1 view 2 X 1 floor plan


2 X 1,5 view 2 X 1,5 floor plan 


2 X 2 view 2 X 2 floor plan


3 X 3 view 3 X 3 floor plan 


6 X 3 view 6 X 3 floor plan 


The above mentioned rates include Standard Booth Equipment:

Structure: The stand structure will be aluminium silver color octanorm. The construction height will be 2.50m.
Panel: The panels used for the stand construction will be MDF vested with PVC beige color (1m x 2.5m).
Fascia-roof: A fascia is constructed from the height of 2.20m and till 2.50m, made by structure of silver aluminium and filling with silver panels.
Sign: The sign placed on the fascia, hosts your logo name with black self-adhesive vinyl letters. Several other self-adhesive vinyl logos are placed on the top part of each display system.
Lighting: In the stand area will be lighting mirror spots (set of 5) per 9 sq.m and a socket per stand.
Furniture: 1 Desk (1.83m x 0.46m x 0.76m) and 2 chairs, wastebasket
Public Wi-Fi