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Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN)

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The Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an internationally acknowledged specialist in Organic Electronics, Thin Films & Nanomaterials Technology, Vacuum, Printing, OVPD & CVD Pilot Lines, Nanometrology, in-line optical sensing & Nanomedicine. Moreover LTFN has established the Center of Organic & Printed Electronics for Research & Manufacturing of OE Devices for Applications in Energy, Displays, Lighting, Electronics, NanoBiomedicine, Smart Textiles, Smart Food Packaging, Greenhouses, etc. The Center has an area of 1500 m2 with clean room facilities of 600 m2 and includes state-of-the-art infrastructure and pilot lines (R2R printing, OVPD, CVD, S2S) for the manufacturing of large area OE devices. LTFN programs strive to interact with Academia, Research Institutes and Organizations and Industry and to transfer its technology to scientific and industrial users and developers and provide excellently educated graduates and research associates to society.

The main research activities of the LTFN are focused on the following topics:

  • Organic & Printed Electronics
  • Thin films, Nanomaterials & NanoEngineering
  • Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology
  • Optical Technology & Nanometrology
  • Computational Modeling at Nanoscale

Visit www.ltfn.gr to find out more!

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest university in Greece. The University Campus covers some 23 hectares: total: 470,635 m2 , main campus: 386,281 m2 close to the centre of Thessaloniki. It comprises 10 Faculties organized into 40 Schools and 1 single-school Faculty.

More than 74,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study at the Aristotle University, 65,000 in undergraduate programmes and 4,764 in postgraduate programmes, 4,140 PhD and 3,877 international students.

Visit www.auth.gr to find out more!

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Research Committee

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) through its Research Committee participates in NANOTEXNOLOGY EXPO 2017. During the last 12 years, more than 9.500 research projects have been implemented in AUTh, whereas about 115 are related with Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies.

The Research Committee of AUTh is the legal body responsible for the administration of funded projects and other related services which are provided by the members of AUTh. The Research Committee has an extensive experience in the management of research projects funded by national, european and international public and private organizations.

Visit www.rc.auth.gr to find out more!

Automatic Research GmbH

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Automatic Research was founded 2015 as a start-up of the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern e.V.) and the Institute of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology (iMEET) chair of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Automatic Research provides innovative turn-key measurement and printing equipment for printed electronics.

Visit www.automatic-research.de to find out more!

Bavarian Research Alliance

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Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH (BayFOR, www.bayfor.org) is a non-profit association promoting Bavarian stakeholders within the European Research Area. BayFOR is financed by the Bavarian state government. It supports scientists and stakeholders from the private sector on European research funds, mainly the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020". As a partner organisation in the EU-funded Enterprise Europe Network BayFOR supports SMEs, Research Institutions and universities for applying EU research projects, with our main activities:

  • We have adequate resources and expertise to support efforts competing for research funding
  • We provide a sound knowledge of regional, national and European research funding
  • We identify project partners in your area of science and business
  • We support you from project initiation to completion
  • We assist you in project management issues.

Visit www.bayfor.org to find out more!


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BL Nanobiomed P.C. is a high tech company that applies nanomedicine technologies and strategies to deal with unmet medical needs.

BL Nanobiomed focuses on the development of novel nanotechnologies, manufacturing processes for the development of innovative drug eluting nano-systems, nanoparticles and nanoplatforms to advance the performance of implants, the implementation of nanoscale techniques for their thorough characterization and validation, the technology licensing and technology transfer.

Visit www.bl-nanobiomed.com to find out more!

Controla S.A. Advanced Technology Equipment

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CONTROLA S.A. was established in 1981 in Thessaloniki. Company's main target was to manufacture cabinets and special rooms with controlled environment and besides to supply advanced technology equipment, laboratory equipment, chemicals, reagents etc. After a very successful period in Northern Greece was decided to cover also Southern Greece establishing the first subsidiary in Athens in April 1987.The same year the company expands its business outside off Greek territory by creating a company in Germany.

Visit www.controla.gr to find out more!


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HOPE-A is the Hellenic Organic and Printed Electronics Association. HOPE-A organizes and co-ordinates the activities of industrial and research institutions in Greece in the field of Organic & Printed Electronics and strenghten their goals.

The scopes of the HOPE-A are:

  • Create a network of companies working in the organic and printed electronics applications
  • Develop strong links between R&D, technology and manufacturing
  • Generate new technologies, applications, roadmap and reports
  • Support members to new markets and trade-shows
  • Strengthen contacts with public authorities
  • Distribute information from the markets
  • Enhance the attraction of funding and investments for the members
  • Represent and increase lobbying
  • Strengthen the collaboration with organic and printed electronics global organizations and companies
  • Organization of Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars and training activities

Visit www.hope-a.com to find out more!

Laborscience S.A.

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LaborScience S.A. was established in July 2003 in Athens by Panos Ekonomou and Spyros Xagoraris. Mr. Ekonomou has over 14 years of experience in Laboratory Equipment sales and marketing in Greece and Mr. Xagoraris has over 25 years of experience in Optical Microscopy sales and servicing in Germany and Greece.The primary mission of LaborScience S.A. is to supply the complete instrumentation and application customer solution, quality and reliable research equipment to the Universities, Private and Public Institutes, GovernmentalInstitutions and in the Industry, both in the Life Science, Biotechnology, Biomedical Market and in Material Science Applications, and to provide prompt technical support service for the equipment supplied.

The future plans of LaborScience S.A. is to become a brand name, to acquire it's market share in all the fields of activities and to expand in new fields of scientific and laboratory instrumentation. The foundation of an independent research laboratory for demonstration and working with the instruments which will be able to provide complete application solutions for the customer, is regarded a must.

Visit www.laborscience.gr to find out more!


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Nano|Net is an initiative for the promotion of communication and collaboration between research and business organizations activated in the fields of Nano-Bio-Technologies. Its' main purpose is to reinforce and promote Nanotechnologies in Greece, Europe and Worldwide, through an interscientific approach. Nano|Net started in 2003 from Nanotechnology Lab LTFN - AUTh, counting more than 500 individual members (~1100 cluster members) worldwide (including University Labs, Research Institutes, Companies, Hospitals etc.)!

Visit www.nano-net.gr to find out more!


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Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT is the world's fastest and most precise 3D printer for 2D, 2.5D and 3D structuring on the nanoscale to the mesoscale. The resolution is reflected in submicrometer details down to a structure size of 200 nm, as well as the achievable surface roughness in optical quality. Specially developed process solutions and photoresists leverage the performance and guarantee maximum mechanical stability, shape control and surface smoothness. The printer sets standards for science and industry, e.g. in photonics, micro-optics, microfluidics, life sciences, medical and sensor technology.

Visit www.nanoscribe.de to find out more!

Organic Electronics Technologies P.C. (OET)

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Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (ÏÅÔ) operates in the rapidly growing field of Organic and Printed Electronics (OEs). OET holds many years of experience in organic and inorganic materials and thin film technologies as a spin-out of the Lab for Thin Films-Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

OET focuses on the development of Process Technologies (Roll-to-Roll, Vacuum deposition, Laser systems) and In-line Monitoring & Quality Control tools for the manufacturing of OEs. OET's expertise includes the design, development, optimization, and quality control of materials and processes for the production of Flexible Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) and other OE devices such as Bioelectronics. OET owns IPs on the tools for the in-situ and in-line monitoring of functional thin films, devices and processes and offers integrated solutions for the production of OEs.

OET is a member of the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics – Industry Cluster (HOPE-I) and the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A).

Visit www.oe-technologies.com to find out more!

Technosystems LV

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We concern to start up companies. However despite of a youth of the company our specialists have mature experience of development on technologies and corresponding process equipment, optics, electronics, mechanics, programming and system engineering work. Our devices work in Europe and USA.

At carrying out of development and their further manufacture the scientific both engineering and technical potential of the various countries is effectively involved. Owing to flexible scientific cooperation we create various production according to requirements of the market. We also perform custom-made works.

Spectrum of the lead development- nanometrology, nanomechanics and devices for nanomedicine.

We are interested not only in production of already developed devices, but also performance of the high technology works. We invite the organizations and developers to cooperation.

Visit www.technosystems.lv to find out more!

Vector Technologies LTD

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Vector Technologies LTD was established 10 years ago as a value added distributor of Test and Measurement Instruments and Operational Support systems in the Telecommunications, Educational and Public Sector market specializing in sales, marketing, technical support and after-sales service of hi-tech products.

It specializes also in the provision of troubleshooting, performance analysis and network consulting services of new technology networks.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the right choice for their particular application combining the superior quality on a fair cost.

Our strategic co-operations with leading international suppliers, together with the strong know-how of our people, provide a guarantee of the quality and the success of our solutions and services in every electronic application.

It is our company's policy to continuously seek for new ways to improve our processes and our modes of operation in order to maintain our competitive edge and achieve our targets.

Vector Technologies is offering a complete range of test & measurement products and systems and maintains partnership agreements with leading measurement systems manufacturers as follows: TEKTRONIX, KEITHLEY, AEROFLEX, AMETEK, Anite-NEMO, ACTIX, TTi, AARONIA, SPECTRACOM, AR, CAEN, AH Systems, etc.

The company is located at Haladri area north of Athens - Greece. The premises include warehouses, integration center, demo center, training facilities and offices.

Visit www.vectortechnologies.gr to find out more!

Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating

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The Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) is a World leading research and development centre for advanced manufacture by printing. It is a research centre within the College of Engineering, Swansea University Bay Campus. The WCPC was started in 1990 and has developed significant expertise in printing as an advanced manufacturing process. The WCPC has comprehensive printing, analytical and ink development facilities, which can provide for proof of concept and bench scale evaluation through to pilot scale production. One of the WCPC strengths is in fundamental and applied research into the print process, including the governing process physics and their interaction with the material properties (both physical and chemical).

It has focused on the development of traditional volume printing processes such as gravure, flexo, offset, screen, pad and ink jet. More recently these have been expanded to include 3D printing, aerosol printing and integration of traditional with printable electronics. It’s expertise and facilities embrace scale up from concept through to production.

The WCPC works on applications such as graphics, security, anti-counterfeiting, packaging, fabrics, intelligent clothing, product decoration, large area electronics, sensors, lamps, addressable displays, energy, point of care health, stem cell scaffolding and bio mimetics.

Visit www.wcpcswansea.com to find out more!

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