Workshop on Renewable Energy & Storage

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The Workshop will be common in ISFOE17 & NN17 Programme.

The joint Session on Renewable Energy & Storage focuses on the Nanotechnology innovative ideas, new materials, devices and concepts for Energy Harvesting, conversion, storage, distribution, smart grids, as well as EU Policies on Renewable Energy. Meanwhile the Worshop will give a state-of-the-art overview on Nanotechnology, advanced materials, IT networks and new aspects in Energy and Storage, bringing together international experts from research, engineering, industry, policy makers, policy and government representatives to discuss, collaborate and provide next generation energy solutions. Also decentralized renewable energy installations and battery storage systems for domestic power supply will be combined in intelligent networks providing balanced power to the public grid, while the devices and communication technology needed for the integration of these elements, intelligent transformers and virtual power plants will be discussed.


  • Renewable Energy and Systems
  • Next gen PVs, PVs Systems
  • Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Generation
  • Smart Energy Consumption
  • Energy Storage
  • Batteries
  • Energy and Storage for Smart Cities & Islands
  • Water Treatment and Desalination
  • Smart Grid evolution and Grid integration
  • Future Trends and Nanotechnologies
  • Industry Perspectives, EU Policies and Strategies


Mr. Ilias Monacholias, PPC Renewables, Greece (Chair)
Dr. P. Giannoules, g|t Consulting , Germany (Co-chair)
Dr H. Binder, BTC Technologies, Germany

Workshop's Invited Speakers (tentative list)

fountiProf. Maria Founti, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
giannoulesDr. Paulos Giannoules, g|t Consulting , Germany
Comprehensive Renewable Energy Generation Concepts
keramiotisDr. Christos Keramiotis, Public Power Company Renewables S.A., Greece

More invited speakers will be announced soon!

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