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Thessaloniki, Greece, 2 - 9 July 2016

Preliminary ISSON16 Program announced!

The ISSON Summer Schools will give the opportunity to young researchers and early-career scientists and engineers to participate in a series of lectures on the emerging fields of Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies.

This year ISSON16 is divided in four complementary schools that cover the significant areas in the N&N field:

school1 school2 school3 school3


NEW!!! Training School on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), co-organized with the HERALD COST Action, will take place 2-4 July 2016 during ISSON16. The lectures program will soon be announced!  herald logo

The lectures will review the current trends and knowledge in the fields of NN in general (mainly in School 1) and in parallel focus in three main Application areas, the Organic Electronics (School 2), Nanomedicine (School 3) and Graphene (School 4). Furthermore state-of-the-art techniques, as well as a demonstration-tour in the laboratory facilities for developing and characterizing nanoscale materials will also be included. Top class Experts from Universities, Research Institutions and Industry worldwide will share their knowledge and experience in the format of lecture presentations. Generally, the ISSON program will be comprised by plenary and parallel sessions in order for the ISSON students to fix-and-attend lectures according to their preference.

Present your work in ISSON's Special Poster Session

All ISSON participants can present their current research work (background and research activity) in a Special ISSON Poster Session to the rest of the group, the ISSON Committee and Lecturers at the Welcome Ceremony of ISSON Schools. In case you will also attend the NN16 and/or ISFOE16 Conference, your poster can also be presented there!

At the end of ISSON16 Schools the best poster will be awarded!


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What are the ADVANTAGES of participating in these Schools?

  • Interact with exceptional scientists and engineers from various fields and organizations
  • Experience what interdisciplinarity means in N&N
  • Attend the NN16 Conference with many WORKSHOPS, Topics and Special Events
  • Participate to ISFOE16 with several WORKSHOPS ans Special Sessions
  • Discuss with Industry experts during the 6th NANOTEXNOLOGY Exhibition 2016
  • Understand the 'From Theory to Practice' process
  • Have the opportunity to show research work in form of poster presentations
  • Be eligible to compete for a Poster Award in the selected Conference
  • Discuss research work face-to-face with experienced researchers
  • Learn how to be open to new ideas, be creative and how to implement them
  • Enhance professional networks for future career opportunities
  • Promote organization and research group
  • Get confidence at an international scientific event with an informal and relaxed atmosphere
  • Solve problems related with research work
  • Seek advice on publishing and unpublished research results
  • Meet interesting people from all around the world
  • Enjoy a worthwhile social program at the end of every day
  • Go around Thessaloniki and Halkidiki, the best resort in Greece

What is the VISION of ISSON Schools?

...To be a gateway for innovative high-tech ideas coming from enthusiastic young researchers.

What will the ISSON program include and how many ECTS credits can you get?

A full day program of ISSON lectures for the 2-9 July 2016 with parallel sessions of three of the Schools to run each day, usually School 2, School 3 and School 4, while School 1 which covers generally N&N will be mostly in shared sessions. The fix-and-attend choice for the attendees is available in order to enhance the interdisciplinary role of ISSON. There will be a limit of about 30 participants/students to enroll for the parallel sessions. ISSON attendees will also participate in the conferences ISFOE16 and/or NN16, in case they also registered for the above events.
ATTENTION: After the lectures there will be written exams and those who will succeed will get 3 ECTS credits.

Which NANOTEXNOLOGY event(s) can you attend by participating in ISSON?

It depends mainly on your research interests and/or curiosity.

You can attend the NN16 Conference or the ISFOE16 Symposium, therefore at the On-line Registration Form you can select either the Full or Student ISSON16+NN16 Registration / ISSON16+ISFOE16 Registration depending on your status.
If you wish to attend both Conferences and at the same time wish to participate to ISSON16, then at the On-line Registration Form you have to select either the Full or Student ISFOE16+ISSON16+NN16 Registration depending on your status.
In case you are a student, you also have the option to participate only in the ISSON Summer Schools (3 days). Just select "Only ISSON lectures" at the On-line Registration Form.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Post Doctoral Fellows
  • Academic Professionals
  • Researcher Scientists & Engineers
  • Industry Experts
  • All those who wish to be introduced and apply nanotechnology in their research activities
  • and generally Curious for Nanotechnology people.


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Past Events

The successful organization of the seven previous International Summer School on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (SS-NN07, SS-NN08, SS-NN09, ISSON10, ISSON11, ISSON12, ISSON13, ISSON14 & ISSON15) resulted in the participation of students from more than 25 countries. The participants attended lectures given by frontline researchers and professors.

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