Workshop on Graphene and Related Materials, Processes & Applications (common in ISFOE15 and NN15)

The aim of this Workshop is to explore the state-of-the-art topics of graphene (fabrication, transfer, properties, applications, etc.). The workshop will bring together leading experts and young researchers involved in the structural and physical properties of graphene and other related 2D materials, in the growth of graphene onto metallic substrates, in graphene transfer and doping, in graphene-based device fabrication, and in theoretical investigations of the properties of graphene.

The Workshop topics include:

  • Graphene growth, synthesis, and integration (CVD, Epitaxy, Chemical Exfoliation, etc)
  • Growth kinetics
  • Graphene Chemistry (synthesis, chemical modification, reactivity)
  • Transfer of graphene to host substrates
  • Large area synthesis of grapheme on different substrates
  • Graphene properties (Optical, Electronic, Structural, nanomechanical, etc.)
  • Charge carrier transport
  • Impurity doping
  • Interfaces & Excitons
  • Interlayer and intralayer heterostructures of large-area graphene
  • Computational and theoretical approaches
  • Applications of graphene (including transparent electrodes, sensors, transistors, OLEDs, OPVs, etc.)
  • Device integration of large-area graphene
  • Other 2D nanomaterials


Workshop International Organizing Committee:

  • Ass. Prof. E. Lidorikis, University of Ioannina, Greece
  • Prof. P. Bøggild, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Dr. A. Zurutuza, GRAPHENEA, Spain



Supported by

The Workshop is supported by the GRElect Project.        grelect logo


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