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Enter the NANOTEXNOLOGY Virtual environment

Login with your registration credentials to enter the User’s Area of the website (only for already Registered Users).

You can then get access to the NANOTEXNOLOGYvirtual environment via the NANOTEXNOLOGY virtual Floor Plan.

To test the platform you can connect to the virtual Registration and Helpdesk which is open to participants (no account required). For more details see the "User Guidelines" section below.



User Guidelines

adobe pdf logo Presenter Guide in PDF

adobe pdf logo Poster Guide in PDF

Every working day during 10:00-17:00 CET, the Virtual Registration and Helpdesk for NANOTEXNOLOGY2020 is open to participants for testing their connection.

  1. Download alfaview video-conference system onto your PC/laptop.
  2. Enter NANOTEXNOLOGY registration to test alfaview (see basic settings).
  3. Type your Name and click on the "Join" button.
    instructions image 1
  4. Select the two checkboxes named "I accept the terms" and "I accept the privacy statement" and click on "Join" button again.
    instructions image 2
    If you want to read the terms and privacy statement of the platform, click on the correspondent links and two new tabs will open in your browser. When finished and in order to join the platform, return to the previously opened tab and select the option "Join" (both checkboxes will be checked after having clicked on the corresponding links).
  5. Our colleagues will be there to give you instructions and support and answer to your questions.
  6. If your institutional firewall prevents you to participate, give this link to your network administrator**.

** In case your network administration does not grant you access to participate, do it from home.



NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 Program Overview (Preliminary)

adobe pdf logo Download the Preliminary NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 Program Overview



Hardware Requirements for the Virtual Event

Hardware requirements for PC/laptop 64-bit
≥ Windows 7
≥ macOS 10.12
Quality headset Second monitor
Spectators +    
Participants + +  
Presenters* + + +


* Presenters who wish to show videos need high upload connectivity to the internet.



Registration options for the Virtual Event

Participation Option General Fee (in euro)
 Exhibitor  500
 Sponsor  300



Last Minute Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 June 2020

Steps for Abstract Submission

1. IMPORTANT: In order to proceed to the above steps you must be a registered user first. Create a user profile by visiting this link.

2. REGISTER & SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT: In order to submit your abstract you have to register first for the corresponding event(s) via the NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 registration form. Make sure to choose the option for the Virtual Event.

3. SUBMIT/WITHDRAW AN ABSTRACT (FOR ALREADY REGISTERED USERS): If you are already registered and want to either submit another abstract or withdraw your submission, you have to use the corresponding options/links from the registered users area.

Abstract Templates

word logo ISFOE20 Abstract Template

word logo NN20 Abstract Template

word logo I3D20 Abstract Template

word logo ISSON20 Abstract Template


Information on Poster Presentations

All posters will be presented in the Virtual Poster Sessions (on-line Alfaview service).


Payment Options

Information about Payment Options can be found here.


More information about the Virtual Event will be announced in the next days.


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