1-4 July 2019


Preliminary Program Overview and Time Schedules announced!

Welcome to ISFOE19

ISFOE19 Program announced!

ISFOE is the biggest scientific & technology event in Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics (OEs), that promotes the Research, Technology and Innovation in OE nanomaterials, Manufacturing Processes, Devices and Applications and Solutions.

During ISFOE19 you will meet with other world-class scientists, engineers, representatives from industry and policy makers to discuss and exchange ideas on the hottest topics and progress on OEs.

The ISFOE Program consists of Workshops and Sessions focused on:

- Organic and Large Area Electronic (OLAE) materials (polymer and small molecule organic semiconductors, transparent electrodes, barriers for encapsulation)
- Organic Photovoltaics & Perovskite PVs
- Graphene and related materials (common in ISFOE19 & NN19)
- Biosensors & Bioelectronics (common in ISFOE19 & NN19)
- OLEDs for Displays and Lighting
- OTFTs and Circuits
- Laser Technologies & Patterning
- Printing, Vacuum and OVPD Equipment and Technologies
- In-Line/In-situ Metrology & Quality Control for Industrial Applications
- Multiscale Computational Modeling of Materials & Devices at Nanoscale to Mesoscale
- Smart Textiles & Wearable Technologies
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Integrated Systems and Sensors

plus this year's Special Workshops on:

Advance your knowledge to:

- solve problems related to nanomaterials (e.g. morphology, phase separation, interfaces, charge generation & transport, up-scalability to large area processes) and to devices,
- progress on the theoretical modelling & computational methods,
- advance the understanding of the basic mechanisms & phenomena and establish the structure-property relationships that will allow the market implementation of OE devices.

Discuss the latest advances on:
Device Architectures, Large Scale Processes, in-line Metrology and Quality Control Tools, and Manufacturing Processes for numerous OE devices such as OPVs, Perovskite PVs, OLEDs, OTFTs, Sensors and Biosensors for applications in Energy, Lighting, Displays, Electronics, Automotive, Nanobiomedicine, Smart Textiles, Wearables, Food Packaging, Greenhouses and many more!

Looking forward to see you in Thessaloniki at 1-4 July 2019 !

On behalf of the ISFOE19 Scientific and Organizing Committee

Professor Stergios Logothetidis

Some of the ISFOE19 Invited Speakers

 pantelides Sokrates Pantelides
Vanderbilt University, USA
 peppas Nicholas Peppas
The University of Texas at Austin, USA
 leclerc Mario Leclerc
Laval University, Canada
 arias Ana Claudia Arias
Berkeley, EECS, USA
 malliaras George Malliaras
University of Cambridge, UK
 bianchi Michele Bianchi
Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Italy
 deligeorgis George Deligeorgis
 kitaura Ryo Kitaura
Nagoya University, Japan
 silva Ravi Silva
University of Surrey, UK
 jung Jaroslaw Jung
Lodz University of Technology, Poland
 vanlangenhove Lieva Van Langenhove
University of Ghent, Belgium
 pecz Bela Pecz
MTA EK MFA, Hungary
 soavi Giancarlo Soavi
Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
 mcculloch Iain McCulloch
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 volonakis George Volonakis
University of Oxford, UK
 de angelis Francesco De Angelis
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
 anthopoulos Thomas Anthopoulos
KAUST, Saudi Arabia
 so Franky So
North Carolina State University, USA
 chafai Djamel Eddine Chafai
Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
 itskos Grigorios Itskos
University of Cyprus, Cyprus
 stan Sorin G. Stan
VDL ETG, The Netherlands
 mclachlan Martyn McLachlan
Imperial College London, UK
 avataneo Silvia Giovanna Avataneo
CRF SCpA, Italy
 green Rylie Green
Imperial College London, UK
 janietz Silvia Janietz
IAP Fraunhofer, Germany
 keivanidis Panagiotis E. Keivanidis
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
 walker Alison Walker
University of Bath, UK
 top Michiel Top
Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, FEP, Germany
 bobbert Peter Bobbert
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
 lekka Christina Lekka
University of Ioannina, Greece
 heeney Martin Heeney
Imperial College London, UK
 petti Luisa Petti
University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
 meyer Nico Meyer
COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
 coropceanu Veaceslav Coropceanu
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
 pollard Andrew Pollard
National Physical Laboratory, UK
 boeffel Christine Boeffel
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, Germany
 dodabalapur Ananth Dodabalapur
The University of Texas at Austin,USA
 asadi Kamal Asadi
Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
 jang joo Kim Jang-Joo Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
 dimopoulos Theodoros Dimopoulos
Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
 wenzel Wolfgang Wenzel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, Germany
 sosa vargas Lydia Sosa-Vargas
CNRS, Institute Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire (IPCM), France
 ramirez Robert Ramirez
FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., USA
 camus Christian Camus
LayTec AG, Germany
 katan Claudine Katan
CNRS, CTI, France
 choli Theodora Choli-Papadopoulou
Chemistry Dept. AUTh, Greece
 sukan Fazilet Vardar Sukan
SUNUM, Sabanci University, Turkey
 kogia Maria Kogia
Granta Design, UK
 kavouras Panagiotis Kavouras
National Technical University of Athens,Greece
 krebs Martin Krebs
VARTA Microbattery, Germany

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