Women in Nano Science & Technology

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The target of this Workshop is to highlight and advance the role and recognition of women working in cutting edge fields of Nano Science and Technology, and to promote their significant role in progress in these fields that will transform our lives in the future.

The topics of this Special Workshop cover all areas of Nanotechnologies and Organic Electronics.


The Workshop will take place om Wednesday July 3, 2019, during NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019.

Invited Speakers (tentative list)

alonso Dr. Maria Isabel Alonso, ICMAB-CSIC, Spain
Thermoelectric and Optical Properties of PEDOT:PSS thin films
arias Prof. Ana Claudia Arias, Berkeley, EECS, USA
avataneo Dr. Silvia Giovanna Avataneo, CRF SCpA, Italy
Sustainability Driven: Electronic Integration with Materials into Novel Components
choli Prof. Theodora Choli-Papadopoulou, Chemistry Dept. AUTh, Greece
Chondrogenesis and osteogenesis by short protein regions
katan Dr. Claudine Katan, CNRS, CTI, France
Two-Photon Absorption of Solvated Organic Chromophores: a Synergy between Experiment and Theory
kogia Dr. Maria Kogia, Granta Design, UK
Do science and technology have a gender?
lekka Prof. Christina Lekka, University of Ioannina, Greece
Density Functional Theory On Nanostructures With Potential Catalytic Applications
sosa vargas Prof. Lydia Sosa-Vargas, CNRS, Institute Parisien de Chimie Mol√©culaire (IPCM), France
Growing Functional Nanosurfaces for Organic Electronics
sukan Prof. Fazilet Vardar Sukan, SUNUM Nanotechnology Research Centre, Sabanci University, Turkey
A Novel Virtual Cluster for Nanosensors

Workshop International Organizing Committee

S. G. Avataneo, CRF SCpA, Italy
T. Choli-Papadopoulou, Chemistry Dept. AUTh, Greece
N. Stingelin
, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
A. Sendemir-Urkmez, Ege University, Turkey
F. Vardar Sukan, Sabanci University, SUNUM, Turkey
A. B. Walker
, Department of Physics, University of Bath, UK

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