Symposium Topics

The ISFOE21 covers the following (but not limited) topics:

  • Novel organic/inorganic and hybrid materials
  • Fullerenes, and Carbon Nanotubes in Organic Electronics
  • Perovskites (solution-processed, vacuum deposited)
  • Transparent Electrodes (organic, printable, inorganic, oxides), non-transparent Electrodes & dielectrics
  • Photonics & Plasmonics
  • Barrier Materials and Encapsulation Methods
  • Graphene (fabrication, transfer, properties, applications, etc.)
  • Electronic inks
  • Polymer and Small Molecules morphology & Interfaces characterization and control
  • Self-organized molecules and systems
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Electronic Structure and Interfaces
  • Charges & Excitons
  • Device Properties & Charge Transport
  • Electronic & Ions and Interface with Biology
  • Theory, Modelling, Simulations & Computational Methods of materials and properties
  • Theory - Design, Modelling & Simulations of Device aspects
  • High efficiency approaches in Vacuum and Printing technologies
  • Printed Electronics
  • Zero-defect manufacturing for Organic Electronics
  • Equipment and machine components for Large Area manufacturing processes
  • Roll-to-roll thin film fabrication processes (printing, patterning) and in-line characterization & quality control
  • Artificial Intelligence approaches for fabrication of OE materials, characterization and modelling
  • OE Materials modelling by Machine Learning algorithms
  • Vacuum Technologies and in-situ characterization & quality control processes
  • Laser processes & technologies (ablation, patterning, scrubbing, etc.)
  • Laser Printing for OLEDs, Sensors & Biosensors, OTFTs, RFIDs
  • Organic Photovoltaics (Polymer & Small Molecule OPVs, Process, Manufacturing, Device lifetime/reliability, Applications, Strategy on OPVs)
  • Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Energy Production & Storage
  • Organic Light-Emitting Diodes - OLEDs (Displays, Lighting Systems, e-paper)
  • Biosensors & Bioelectronics
  • Thin Film & Printed Batteries
  • OTFTs, Sensors, RFIDs
  • Smart Textiles & Stretchable - Wearable Electronics
  • Integrated Smart Systems & Components
  • Data Management Systems & Databases for characterization and modelling data
  • Defect Detection in large scale manufacturing processes


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