I3D18 Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

giannelis Prof. Emmanuel Giannelis, Cornell University, USA
3D Printing of responsive hydrogels and ionogels for biomedical applications
li pira Dr. Nello Li Pira, C.R.F. S.C.p.A, Italy
Customization and integration of materials into novel components for the car of the future


Invited Speakers

berthag Ms. Hanna Berthag, Cellink, Sweden
3D bioprinting of human soft tissues
boeffel Dr. Christine Boeffel, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, Germany
Inkjet printing of OLEDs – from large area to high resolution
zheng cui Prof. Zheng Cui, Printable Electronics Research Center, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Printing approach to making flexible wearable stretchable electronics
noimage Dr. Paolo Gaucci, Eurecat, Spain
Strategies for Conformable Printed Devices: stretchable, thermoforming and in mold electronics
grooten Mr. Marcel Grooten, DoMicro BV, The Netherlands
Hybrid electronics integration by inkjet technology
hepp Mr. Edgar Hepp, Cytosurge AG, Switzerland
Additive manufacturing of micrometer-sized 3D metal objects by FluidFM® femtoliter liquid dispensing
karagkiozaki Dr. Varvara Karagkiozaki, BL-Nanobiomed, Greece
laskarakis Dr. Argiris Laskarakis, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Intelligent Nanomanufacturing of Flexible Organic Electronic Devices
missirlis Prof. Yannis Missirlis, University of Patras, Greece
papavlu Dr. Alexandra Palla Papavlu, National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR), Romania
Laser writing of nanomaterials for wearable sensors
perlo Dr. Pietro Perlo, Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles, I-FEVS, Italy
rutz Dr. Alexandra Rutz, University of Cambridge, UK
Engineering customizable hydrogel inks for 3D tissue and organ printing
sendemir urkmez Prof. Aylin Sendemir-Urkmez, Ege University, Turkey
Challenges for Bioprinting and Bioink Design
tsimikli Ms. Sofia Tsimikli, OE-Technologies, Greece
OET hits 7.4% New World Record Efficiency for Single Structure Fully Printed Organic Photovoltaic by Roll to Roll Processes
vrana Dr. Nihal Engin Vrana, Protip Medical, France
3D Printed Personalized Otorhinolaryngology Implants and Bioprinting for Immunomodulation
yue wang Prof. Yue Wang, University of California, Merced, USA
3D Printing of Biomimetic Conjugated Polymers for Wearable Electronics


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