ISSON18 Lecturers (tentative list)

Plenary Lectures

biscarini Prof. Fabio Biscarini, Department of Life Sciences, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Organic Bioelectronics: fundamentals for biosensing
feitshans Dr. Ilise Feitshans, European Scientific Institute, France & Executive Director The Work Health & Survival Project, EU/USA
Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law for scientists: Who needs law / Solutions that avoid liability
logothetidis Prof. Stergios Logothetidis, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Nanotechnology and Applications


arenal Dr. Raul Arenal, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS): principle and applications for investigating nanomaterials
kapon Prof. Elyahou Kapon, EPFL, Switzerland
Tailoring light-matter interaction at the nano-scale: Exploiting quantum and photonic confinements in semiconductor nanostructures
kassavetis Dr. Spyros Kassavetis, LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Protective & Functional nanocoatings: Growth Processes, Nanomechanical Characterization and Applications
palmer Prof. Richard Palmer, Swansea University, UK
The atomic structure, metastability and melting of nanoparticles revealed with the aberration-corrected electron microscope
szczytko Prof. Jacek Szczytko, University of Warsaw, Poland
Organic Spintronics – manipulating of electron spin in organic materials
tzounis Dr. Lazaros Tzounis, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Ioannina, Greece
Thermoelectric Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites and Devices: From Inorganic to Organic TEGs for large-scale thermal energy harvesting in Aerospace, Automotive, Buildings and Wearables


bonnassieux Prof. Yvan Bonnassieux, LPCIM, Ecole Polytechnique CNRS, Paris, France
Organic electronic device from semi-conductor physic to compact model
gravalidis Dr. Christoforos Gravalidis, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
From Lab to Pilot Manufacturing of Organic Electronics Devices
laskarakis Dr. Argiris Laskarakis, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Intelligent Nanomanufacturing of Organic Electronics & In-Line Metrology for Quality Control
lidorikis Prof. Eleftherios Lidorikis, Dept. of Materials Science & Eng., University of Ioannina, Greece
Modeling organic photovoltaics: optical considerations
neukom Mr. Martin Neukom,Fluxim, Switzerland
Understanding solar cells: Modelling and characterization including live-demo of Fluxim's research tools Setfos and Paios
porfyrakis Prof. Kyriakos Porfyrakis, University of Oxford, UK
Carbon Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
vandeburgt Dr. Yoeri van de Burgt, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Organic Neuromorphics


berthag Ms. Hanna Berthag, Cellink, Sweden
3D Bioprinting
choli Prof. Theodora Choli-Papadopoulou, Chemistry Dept. AUTh, Greece
How to create "intelligent" materials
karagkiozaki Dr. Varvara Karagkiozaki, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Fundamentals in Clinical Nanomedicine
missirlis Prof. Yannis Missirlis, University of Patras, Greece
Introduction to Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering
mitsiadis Prof. Thimios Mitsiadis, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Frontiers in modern medicine: tissue engineering and stem cell technology for neovascularization and neoinnervation
papadopoulos Prof. Georgios Papadopoulos, University of Thessaly, Greece
How to use Molecular Dynamics Simulations to study effects of Microwaves on Biological Molecules

Common Lectures & Demonstrations (All Schools)

noimage Dr. Maida Donat, ITENE, Spain
Demonstration of NP Characterization
noimage Mr. Carlos Fito, ITENE, Spain
Demonstration of NP Characterization
noimage Dr. Cephas Small, Nature Communications, UK
Editorial process here at Nature Communications

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