NN18 Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers


Prof. Thomas Anthopoulos, Physical Science and E​ngineering Division, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Plastic nanoelectronics for the internet of things (IoT)

stevens Prof. Molly Stevens, Imperial College London, UK
Bio-responsive Hybrid Materials for Regenerative Medicine and Biosensing
tomar Dr. Ashutosh Tomar, Jaguar Land Rover, UK
Applications of Printable and organic electronics in Automotive

Keynote Speakers

damnjanovic Prof. Milan Damnjanovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Double line groups: structure and irreducible representations
giannelis Prof. Emmanuel Giannelis, Cornell University, USA
3D Printing of responsive hydrogels and ionogels for biomedical applications
goyal Prof. Amit Goyal, University at Buffalo, USA
High-performance, heteroepitaxial, nanolaminate device layers on single-crystal-like, artificial substrates and controlled self-assembly of nanostructures within device layers for wide-ranging electrical and electronic applications
komvopoulos Prof. Kyriakos Komvopoulos, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Mechanics Challenges in Wearable Electronics
li pira Dr. Nello Li Pira, C.R.F. S.C.p.A, Italy
Customization and integration of materials into novel components for the car of the future
malliaras Prof. George Malliaras, University of Cambridge, UK
Implantable devices for drug delivery in the brain
missirlis Prof. Yannis Missirlis, University of Patras, Greece
t mueller Prof. Thomas Mueller, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
2D semiconductor optics and (opto-)electronics
palmer Prof. Richard Palmer, Swansea University, UK
Massive Scale-Up of Cluster Beam Deposition (CBD) for the Production of Novel Functional Nanomaterials

NN18 Invited Speakers

adawi Dr. Ali Adawi, University of Hull, UK
Plasmonic nano-gaps for light emission and Raman scattering enhancements
almpanis Dr. Evangelos Almpanis, N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS", Greece
Metasurfaces and the control of light at the nanoscale
arenal Dr. Raul Arenal, University of Zaragoza, Spain
Carbon and Related Nanomaterials: Atomic Structural and Configuration Studies
asaoka Dr. Hidehito Asaoka, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan
Control of nanostructures on silicon surfaces
barone Dr. Damiano G. Barone, University of Cambridge, UK
Targeting the molecular mechanism of foreign body reaction (FBR) to peripheral neural interface.
berthag Ms. Hanna Berthag, Cellink, Sweden
3D bioprinting of human soft tissues
biscarini Prof. Fabio Biscarini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Ultrasensitive detection of neurotransmitters with organic electronics biosensors
bonaccorso Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Graphene Labs, Italy
2D-materials-based composites for energy applications
noimage Dr. Jean-Sebastien Bouillard, University of Hull, UK
Plasmonic nano-gaps for light-matter interactions
boukos Dr. Nikos Boukos, N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS", Greece
Growth, characterization and properties of ZnO nanostructures
chatzinikolaidou Prof. Maria Chatzinikolaidou, IESL-FORTH and University of Crete, Greece
Poly(L-lactide)-based copolymeric biomaterials support bone regeneration
chatziparadisis Dr. Asterios Chatziparadisis, General Secretariat of Research & Technology, Greece
The Greek Strategy for Research and Innovation. Implementation and forthcoming calls
chung Prof. An-Jung Chung, Korea Printed Electronics Association (KoPEA), Korea
Flexible and Printed Electronics - Perspectives and Needs (Korea)
constantoudis Dr. Vassilios Constantoudis, NCSR Demokritos and Nanometrisis p.c., Greece
Artificial Intelligence in Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology
zheng cui Prof. Zheng Cui, Printable Electronics Research Center, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Printing approach to making flexible wearable stretchable electronics
decuzzi Prof. Paolo Decuzzi, Italian Institute of Technology in Genova, Italy
Polymeric Nanoconstructs for cancer treatment: From in silico to in vivo
deligeorgis Dr. George Deligeorgis, FORTH IESL, Greece
A 2D material based platform for wireless electronics and sensing
feitshans Dr. Ilise Feitshans, European Scientific Institute, France & Executive Director The Work Health & Survival Project, EU/USA
Global Health Impacts of Nanotechnology Law
fokwa Prof. Boniface Fokwa, University of California Riverside, USA
Nanoborides as Electrocatalysts
geoghegan Prof. Mark Geoghegan, The University of Sheffield, UK
Adhesion and tribology of polyelectrolyte brushes
georgiadiou Dr. Dimitra G. Georgiadou, Imperial College London, UK
High speed diodes for flexible large area electronics
gkoupidenis Dr. Paschalis Gkoupidenis, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
Organic Neuromorphic Devices
glynos Dr. Emmanouil Glynos, IESL, FORTH, Greece
Leveraging Molecular Architecture To Design Novel Nanostructured Materials for High Modulus and High Conductivity Solid Polymer Electrolytes
gogolides Dr. Evangelos Gogolides, N.C.S.R. "DEMOKRITOS", Greece
Self-cleaning, antibacterial, 3D nanostructured functional surfaces via plasma processing
goula Prof. Maria Goula, Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia, Greece
Hydrogen Production via Steam reforming of Glycerol over Rh-Al2O3 catalysts modified with CeO2, MgO or La2O3
goykhman Prof. Ilya Goykhman, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Hybrid Graphene-Silicon Optoelectronics for Telecom Applications
grooten Mr. Marcel Grooten, DoMicro BV, The Netherlands
Hybrid electronics integration by inkjet technology
hepp Mr. Edgar Hepp, Cytosurge AG, Switzerland
Additive manufacturing of micrometer-sized 3D metal objects by FluidFM® femtoliter liquid dispensing
hinkov Dr. Borislav Hinkov, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Mid-infrared Photonics based on Quantum Cascade Lasers and Detectors
italiano Dr. Cristina Italiano, Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies "Nicola Giordano" ITAE, CNR, Italy
Ceramic-foam-structured Rh/CeO2 catalysts: In-situ combustion deposition and biogas reforming performance
kapon Prof. Elyahou Kapon, EPFL, Switzerland
Integrated Quantum Photonics: Exploring quantum and photonic confinements at the nano-scale
kemp Dr. Neil Kemp, University of Hull, UK
Memristors with optically tunable STDP synaptic plasticity: a route to hierarchical control in artificial intelligent systems
kholkin Prof. Andrei Kholkin, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Nanoscale piezoelectric materials and their applications
kiparissides Prof. Costas Kiparissides, Dept. Of Chemical Engineering, AUTH & CPERI, CERTH, Greece
A Process System Approach to Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Biopharmaceutics
kousoulas Prof. Gus Kousoulas, Louisiana State University, USA
Viral Immunotherapy against Melanoma and Breast Cancer
The Role of Academic Technology Transfer and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems for Economic Growth and Prosperity
koutsos Prof. Vasileios Koutsos, The University of Edinburgh, UK
2D WSe2: Mechanical Properties and Processing with Vapour XeF2
letourneur didier Prof. Didier Letourneur, INSERM, France
Nanomedicine for Imaging and Treatment of Atherothrombosis – The EU-funded Project “NanoAthero”
luszczynska Dr. Beata Luszczynska, Lodz University of Technology, Poland
Organic photodetectors – influence of space charge limited current and unbalanced mobilities on device parameters
makov Prof. Guy Makov, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Properties of a novel nanometric cubic phase in monochalcogenide semiconductors
mikhailov Dr. Sergey Mikhailov, University of Augsburg, Germany
Nonlinear Electrodynamics of Graphene
milosevic Prof. Ivanka Milosevic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Raman and infrared active rigid-layer modes and topological boundary phonons in multi-layered materials
mitsiadis Prof. Thimios Mitsiadis, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Novel Biological and Nanotechnological Platforms for Dental clinical use
moya Dr. Sergio Moya, CIC biomaGUNE, Spain
Supramolecular polyelectrolyte assemblies for drug delivery
nikoloussi Prof. Elpida-Niki Emmanouil-Nikoloussi, European University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Particulate Matters-PM, Endocrine Disruptors and fetal disease susceptibility in polluted contaminated areas
oikonomopoulos Dr. Solon Oikonomopoulos, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Deviating from Metal-Complexated Dyes in DSSCs

Prof. Giovanna Orsini, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
Dental tissues remodelling during healing and potential therapeutic strategies using pharmacological and stem cell tools

papavlu Dr. Alexandra Palla Papavlu, National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR), Romania
Laser writing of nanomaterials for wearable sensors
parks Mr. Eric Parks, Velocity Partners, Cyprus
Velocity Partners Venture Capital Fund
pechlivani Dr. Eleftheria Maria Pechlivani, OE-Technologies, Greece
Commercialization of Fully R2R Printed Organic Photovoltaics for Eco-Friendly Power Generation: Towards Industry 4.0
perlo Dr. Pietro Perlo, Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles, I-FEVS, Italy
perraud Dr. Simon Perraud, CEA, France
Introduction to NAMEC
petrovykh Dr. Dmitri Petrovykh, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal
Quantitative characterization of nanoparticles interacting with bacterial cells
popovic Prof. Zoran Popovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Magnetic properties of iron-doped CeO2-y nanocrystals
pramatari Prof. Katerina Pramatari, Uni. Fund, Greece
Uni.Fund Ventural Capital
prassas Dr. Michel Prassas, Corning European Technology Center, France
Innovation strategies and new business opportunities to leverage business growth
pugin Dr. Raphaël Pugin, CSEM, France
Fabrication of nanostructured surfaces and components with enhanced performances or unique physical, chemical or biological properties
rissanou Dr. Anastasia Rissanou, FORTH IESL, Greece
Nanographene Sheets as Fillers in Polymer Matrices: A Molecular Dynamics Study
rollo Dr. Serena Rollo, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg
Single Fabrication Process of Silistors with different geometries on 110 SOI substrate
rutz Dr. Alexandra Rutz, University of Cambridge, UK
Engineering customizable hydrogel inks for 3D tissue and organ printing
savvidis Prof. Pavlos Savvidis, University of Crete, Greece
Lattices of Spin-polarised Interacting Polariton Condensates: A novel quantum simulator platform
sendemir urkmez Prof. Aylin Sendemir-Urkmez, Ege University, Turkey
Challenges for Bioprinting and Bioink Design
schmid Prof. Helmut Schmid, Fraunhofer-Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT), Germany
Applications of Selected Nanoparticles in Medicine and Their Extensions Through Targeted Delivery and Controlled Drug Release
sukan Prof. Fazilet Vardar Sukan, SUNUM Nanotechnology Research Centre, Sabanci University, Turkey
Opportunities for Reseach Collaborations with SUNUM
szczytko Prof. Jacek Szczytko, University of Warsaw, Poland
Nanostructures for spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates
teshima Prof. Katsuya Teshima, Shinshu University, Japan
Nanocrystal Innovation for Next-Generation Energy Materials ~ Novel Approaches to All-Solid-State LIBs and Solar Hydrogen Production ~
traore Prof. Mamadou Traore, French National Centre for Scientific Research, France
Elaboration of bulk solids with single nanoparticles response
tsetseris Prof. Leonidas Tsetseris, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
First-principles studies on novel two-dimensional materials

Dr. Yoeri van de Burgt, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Organic Electronic for Neuromorphic Computing

vizirianakis Prof. Ioannis Vizirianakis, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, AUTH, Greece
Implementing clinical trials and harnessing omics knowledge to improve the precision in personalized medicine therapeutics decisions
vrana Dr. Nihal Engin Vrana, Protip Medical, France
3D Printed Personalized Otorhinolaryngology Implants and Bioprinting for Immunomodulation
vukovic Prof. Tatjana Vukovic, Department of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Spin splitting in quasi-one dimensional systems: symmetry based restrains
yue wang Prof. Yue Wang, University of California, Merced, USA
3D Printing of Biomimetic Conjugated Polymers for Wearable Electronics
warkentin Ms. Janice Warkentin, NANOCANADA, Canada
Bridging the Innovation Gap through Outreach and Collaboration
woerdenweber Prof. Roger Woerdenweber, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Controlled Engineering of Bioelectronics Interfaces Using Mixed Organic Monolayers
yerushalmi Prof. Roie Yerushalmi, Institute of Chemistry,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Self-Formed Nanogap Junctions for Electronic Detection and characterization of Molecules and Quantum Dots
lianxi zheng Prof. Lianxi Zheng, Khalifa University, UAE
Advanced Carbon Nanomaterials for Flexible Electronics


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