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American Elements

American Elements: global manufacturer of functionalized nanomaterials, nano-chemicals, graphene, and nanoparticles for organic electronics, pharmaceuticals & drug delivery
American Elements is the world's largest materials science company with a catalogue of 12,000+ products including high purity chemicals and metals, semiconductors, nanoparticles and isotopes for high technologies such as battery & hydrogen storage, solar energy and automotive/aerospace. The company has manufacturing and research facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and China.

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Cutting Edge Nano-Materials

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Cutting Edge Nano-Materials (CEN-Mat) is a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) delivering highly specialized and custom tailored Nano-Materials (NMs).

Although NMs are pretty small and invisible to the human eye many NMs are engineered and placed in our everyday products to enhance their properties. NMs can be found in cosmetics such as face and body lotions, in food and its packaging, in everyday technologies such as smartphones and cars or in medical products such as in contrast agents for the magnetic resonance imaging. The importance of such nano-enabled products to the global economy can be realized when looking at the global revenue growth in the last years from $731 billion in 2012 to $4.4 trillion until today (2018). Yet, using NMs in order to benefit a product through their inherent functionality one needs to functionalize these with respect to the desired properties of the final product and integrate these efficiently and smart into the technology.

This is where the problem starts: NMs currently available on the market are not customized to the customer's needs, thus leaving potential users of NMs representing various industry branches unserved. Additionally the customer is often left alone with the raw NM without being offered a solution for the integration of these into their technology.

To bridge this gap in the value chain CEN-Mat is pursuing a different approach overcoming the massive disadvantages of standard products and services. CEN-Mats approach is based on an adaptive and up-scalable synthesis route delivering custom tailored and highly specialized NM serving the needs of each and every customer individually plus offering solutions on the NMs integration.

These services are especially needed for innovative products and for upcoming technologies developed by R&D focused companies. These companies are unable to approach global players for their material requirement due to the limited volume orders as well as the very specialized material specifications. Thus these companies as well as research institutes and universities will be the primary customers of CEN-Mat taking full advantage of the extensive experience in NM synthesis, the fairly flexible production volumes as well as the consultation around NMs.

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Delta Function - Moustakas

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IONPLUS Company, which is based in Thessaloniki, Greece, was established in 1992 and has as its main target the promotion and full technical support of analytical and industrial hi-tech equipment. Maximal contribution to the technological improvement and development of our clients consist our aim and commitment. The main sectors on which our activities are focused are:

  • Industry (Food, Drink, Petroleum, Medicine, Chemical, Paint, Packaging).
  • Environmental Technology.
  • Research and Quality Control Institutes.
  • Hospitals
  • University

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Kanidis Athanasios & Co

KANIDIS ATHANASIOS & Co is a ten years old company which serves as a distributor of laboratory products addressed to immunology, molecular biology and pathology labs. It is based in Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city), and has a subsidiary in Greece's capital city, Athens, covering the whole country.

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Life Science Chemilab S.A. (LSC) is a dynamic trade company in the laboratory and medical field, serving successfully the greek market since 2009, officially representing globally strong and well known manufacturers in academia, research and industry, like Sigma Aldrich (Merck company), Olympus, Eppendorf and Honeywell. The company, member of Pascal Strouza Group, has its headquarters in Athens and a branch office in Thessaloniki, providing total solutions in products and services for laboratories.

  • Chemicals, reagents and kits
  • Analytical chemistry consumables
  • Life science and biology products
  • Materials science products (Nanomaterials, Biomaterials)
  • Glassware & plasticware
  • Filtration & sampling systems
  • Microscopes, laser confocal microscopes, advanced imaging systems, cameras
  • Laboraroy instrumentation (i.e. pipettes, centrifuges, incubators, manipulation and detection systems, safety cabinets, refrigerators and freezers, etc)

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Organic Electronics Technologies P.C. (OET)

oet logo
Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (ÏÅÔ) operates in the rapidly growing field of Organic and Printed Electronics (OEs). OET holds many years of experience in organic and inorganic materials and thin film technologies as a spin-out of the Lab for Thin Films-Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

OET focuses on the development of Process Technologies (Roll-to-Roll, Vacuum deposition, Laser systems) and In-line Monitoring & Quality Control tools for the manufacturing of OEs. OET's expertise includes the design, development, optimization, and quality control of materials and processes for the production of Flexible Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) and other OE devices such as Bioelectronics. OET owns IPs on the tools for the in-situ and in-line monitoring of functional thin films, devices and processes and offers integrated solutions for the production of OEs.

OET is a member of the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics – Industry Cluster (HOPE-I) and the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A).

Visit www.oe-technologies.com to find out more!


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Polymers (ISSN 2073-4360) is a young but renowned open access journal. It was released in 2009 and already listed in WoS with a latest impact factor of 3.364 (5-yr impact factor 4.330). The journal is indexed by the Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Scopus, EI Compendex, CAS, Polymer Library, EBSCOhost and Current Contents - Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences.

Visit www.mdpi.com/journal/polymers find out more!

Vector Technologies LTD

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Vector Technologies LTD was established 10 years ago as a value added distributor of Test and Measurement Instruments and Operational Support systems in the Telecommunications, Educational and Public Sector market specializing in sales, marketing, technical support and after-sales service of hi-tech products.

It specializes also in the provision of troubleshooting, performance analysis and network consulting services of new technology networks.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the right choice for their particular application combining the superior quality on a fair cost.

Our strategic co-operations with leading international suppliers, together with the strong know-how of our people, provide a guarantee of the quality and the success of our solutions and services in every electronic application.

It is our company's policy to continuously seek for new ways to improve our processes and our modes of operation in order to maintain our competitive edge and achieve our targets.

Vector Technologies is offering a complete range of test & measurement products and systems and maintains partnership agreements with leading measurement systems manufacturers as follows: TEKTRONIX, KEITHLEY, AEROFLEX, AMETEK, Anite-NEMO, ACTIX, TTi, AARONIA, SPECTRACOM, AR, CAEN, AH Systems, etc.

The company is located at Haladri area north of Athens - Greece. The premises include warehouses, integration center, demo center, training facilities and offices.

Visit www.vectortechnologies.gr to find out more!

PORTO PALACE Conference Centre & Hotel

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