Exhibitors / Sponsors 2022

Exhibitors 2022

Nanotechnology Lab LTFN

ltfn logo
The Nanotechnology Lab LTFN (Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems & Nanometrology), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an internationally acknowledged specialist in Organic Electronics (OEs), Thin Films and Nanomaterials Technology (vacuum, printing), Nanomedicine, Nanometrology, Real-time/In-line precision Metrology, Automation and Digital Manufacturing.

LTFN has established the Center of Organic & Printed Electronics - Hellas (COPE-H), for cutting-edge Research and Manufacturing of OE Devices for applications in Energy, Displays, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, NanoBiomedicine, Smart Textiles and Wearables, IoT, Smart Food Packaging, Greenhouses, etc.

LTFN is a world-class excellence entity in various research fields, with a Lab space area of 2000 m2, including clean room facilities of 600 m2 and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, 10 Pilot Lines and several TestBed facilities, combined with strong activity in R&D Projects and dynamic collaborations with SMEs, industry and academia. LTFN is a Digital Innovation Hub, offering open access to interested entities (Academia, Research, SMEs, Industries), while serving as an One-Stop-Shop for SMEs for technology transfer, proof-of-concept and incubation.

The main research activities of the LTFN are focused on the following topics:

  • Organic Electronics & Photonics
  • Thin Films & Nanobiomaterials Technology
  • Nanoengineering & Surface Engineering
  • Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology
  • Optical Technology & Nanometrology
  • Digital Nanomanufacturing
  • Computational & Modeling at Nanoscale

Visit www.ltfn.gr to find out more!

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest university in Greece. The University Campus covers some 23 hectares: total: 470,635 m2 , main campus: 386,281 m2 close to the centre of Thessaloniki. It comprises 10 Faculties organized into 41 Schools and 1 single-school Faculty.

More than 86,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study at the Aristotle University, 75,185 in undergraduate programmes and 6,691 in postgraduate programmes, 4,530 PhD and 4,644 international students.

Visit www.auth.gr to find out more!

Bavarian Research Alliance

>Bavarian Research Alliance Logo
Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH (BayFOR, www.bayfor.org) is a non-profit association promoting Bavarian stakeholders within the European Research Area. BayFOR is financed by the Bavarian state government. It supports scientists and stakeholders from the private sector on European research funds, mainly the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon Europe”. As a partner organization in the EU-funded Enterprise Europe Network BayFOR supports SMEs, research institutions and universities for applying EU research projects, with our main activities:

Advisory services for call matching

  • Project partner search
  • Budget calculation and administrative tasks
  • Negotiation
  • Finding relevant funding schemes
  • Conceptual work on proposal
  • Project management and dissemination partnership

Visit www.bayfor.org to find out more!

EU project supported by BayFOR:

hyflow logo

The EU project HyFlow forms a unique opportunity for both research and industrial stakeholders to develop tailor-made solutions and to explore new markets. By combining the best of both worlds, a supercapacitor and a highpower vanadium redox flow battery, this solution will unlock numerous applications in the grid, boosting its stability while decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels.

Visit www.hyflow-h2020.eu to find out more!

BIOMAT H2020 Project

Biomat Logo
BIOMAT is a highly innovative 4-year European Project aiming to enable, accelarate and facilitate the uptake of nano-enabled bio-based polyurethane foams and composites, by the establishment of an Open Innovation Test Bed (BIOMAT-TB) for providing services to a wide range of European SMEs and industries of the top 5 key markets with the highest demand for these materials: Furniture, Bedding, Automotive, Building and Construction.

With strong emphasis on sustainability, circularity, and renewable resources, BIOMAT-TB will combine biomaterials and upgraded technologies, aiming to answer the increasing requirements of these markets. With a very polyvalent catalog of tecnology transfer services and horizontal services (product characterization, nano safety, LCA/LCC studies, etc), the goal is to provide support in all aspects of product development, from lab to pilot scale onto industrial scale, covering the entire value chain from basic biomaterials and functional nanoparticles upto the final products for the five targeted sectors.

Visit www.biomat-testbed.eu to find out more!

BL Nanobiomed

BL nanobiomed Logo
BL Nanobiomed is a high tech company that applies Nanomedical Technologies to deal with unmet Clinical needs.

At BL Nanobiomed we apply nanotechnology to manufacture innovative, high added value products and we are committed to working for the patient’s benefit. Our mission is to develop novel nanomedical technologies and products to overcome clinical hurdles in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases. Our Technology focuses on nanoparticles for targeted therapeutics, antimicrobial, biosensing activities and nanofilters for advanced filtration at nanoscale level. We manufacture products like medical protective equipment, face masks against nanosized viruses, nanocare hand cleansers and antiseptics, biosensors.

Visit www.bl-nanobiomed.com to find out more!

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

coatema logo
For more than 40 years the innovative equipment manufacturer from Germany provides flexible and efficient one-stop-shop solutions for coating, printing and laminating. Our business strategy and value proposition has been focused on innovations for growing markets with new coating technologies requirements, such as printed electronics, sustainable packaging, membranes, renewables and medicine. Our product portfolio covers the full range from tabletop solution up to production lines up to 3.000 mm working width.

Since August 2018 Coatema is a member of the German-based ATH-Group, together with the companies KROENERT (equipment for converting and technical films) DRYTEC (dryer systems) and ZAE (drive systems). These combined competencies allow us to offer our costumers high end state-of-the art solutions for their processes.

In our 1200m² R&D center our customers can perform basic research, process development and the production of pilot and small production quantities, using 13 different machine platforms with over 20 application systems.

With these technical facilities and our process development and R&D expert, Coatema provides the innovation needed for your products.

Visit www.coatema.de to find out more!

CORNET H2020 Project


CORNET is an ambitious project submitted to the H2020 Call NMBP-07-2017, that developed a unique EU Open Innovation Environment (OIE) covering the triangle of manufacturing, modelling and experimentation in order to optimize the Organic/Large Area Electronic (OE) materials, materials' behaviour and nano-devices (OPVs, PPVs, OLEDs) manufacturing processes.

This was achieved by linking the nanostructure features with the macroscopic functionality through multiscale (nano to macro) characterization and modelling. This strongly impacts the fast and reliable development of new materials, devices and enables control of the related production processes (R2R printing and gas transport (OVPD)) to fabricate tailored OE devices and systems to demonstrate to industrial applications (e.g. automotive, greenhouses).

CORNET developed an OIE Platform and a sustainable Database for documentation of citable & industrially accepted protocols for material & device characterization, modelling and manufacturing and established strong links and cooperations with existing EU clusters (as EMMC, EMCC, EPPN), industrial associations, EU networks to increase the speed of OE materials/device development and industry uptake, maximize the acceptance of the OIE and Database and push-through standards for adoption by industry worldwide.

Visit www.cornet-project.eu to find out more!

European Scientific Institute

The European Scientific Institute, better known as ESI-Archamps, was founded as a French non-profit organisation in 1994 at the initiative of CERN-based physicists and colleagues from a number of European universities, in order to develop high level training courses on technologies developed at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. SAFERNANO 2022 will address FOOD FOR THOUGHT: NANOTECHNOLOGY FEEDING THE WORLD.

Located on the French-Geneva border, ESI-Archamps organises thematic postgraduate schools with an extensive network of partner universities on the science, technology and applications of particle accelerators and detectors. More recently ESI-Archamps has developed a series of summer schools in partnership with Université Grenoble-Alpes in the fast-moving area of digital health. Topics covered include health data management, precision medicine and the safer design of nanomaterials.

ESI’s schools attract an international audience of post-graduate students (MSc, PhD) and early-career professionals. Since its creation, ESI-Archamps has delivered high level teaching and training to more than 2500 young scientists from over 30 countries from the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Near-East.

Visit www.esi-archamps.eu to find out more!

Fraunhofer IAP

iap logo

Fraunhofer IAP has been active in organic electronic research over the past 20 years focusing on solution processible materials and devices with applications in OLED, OTFT, OPV, perovskite solar cells, sensors and actuators. In a large clean room environment several processing techniques are available from spin coating for material evaluation in lab devices up to advanced processing techniques such as inkjet printing and high precision slot die coating on a robot controlled S2S manufacturing pilot line for sizes up to 150 mm x 150 mm including different evaporation and encapsulation techniques. ESJET (electrostatic) printing has been established for high resolution printing with droplet volumes of 100 fl and below resulting in feature sizes below 10 µm. The integration of functional devices for every day applications is an important task such as the integration of organic solar cells into building and mobile applications. In close cooperation with machine manufacturers we are developing various processes for future OLED production plants.

Visit www.iap.fraunhofer.de to find out more!

GELLERT Engineering

gellert logo

Since 1981, our team has been developing technologies to manage the 5 key factors that affect climate conditions: Vacuum, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature and Luminance. Continuous and in-depth R & D engagement leads us to innovative, high-quality and reliable construction, while investing in excellent human resources and new production means, ensures our customers reliability, low cost of operation and retention.

When we first came across the freeze-drying methods, we could straightforward see the pro's and con's of the then available technology and set out to develop even better solutions.

We manufacture freeze dryers starting from 5kg up to 1000kg ice capacity / 24hours, suitable for R&D and production.

Try the freeze-drying technology yourself, make your own experiments and calculations and see the benefits for yourself; enjoy the experience at your convenience on your own premises.

Visit www.gellerteng.com to find out more!



HOPE-A is the Greek Industry Association which coordinates the activities of industrial and research organizations in Greece in the multi-billion rapidly evolving field of Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics (OEs) and strengthens their goals. HOPE-A covers the entire value chain of OE Products and Services in Green Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, Smart Buildings, Greenhouses, Intelligent Packaging, Wearables, IoT e.t.c.

The scope of HOPE-A is to:

  • Coordinate network of companies in OE's applications
  • Develop strong links between R&D&I, technology and business
  • Generate new technologies, applications, roadmap and reports
  • Enhance the reputation of the Sector
  • Support members to new markets and trade-shows
  • Represent members to International authorities
  • Distribute information from the markets
  • Attract investments in OEs
  • Collaboration with OEs global organizations and companies
  • Organize Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars and training activities

Visit www.hope-a.com to find out more!

KAUST Solar Center

kaust logo
Our mission is to create new science and technology in the field of solar energy conversion, providing an environment for interdisciplinary research, training and innovation for the benefit of society.

Top-level research conducted by KSC faculty and scientists has established the Center as a leader in emerging photovoltaic technologies, from materials design, modeling, synthesis, and characterization to processing and solar cell fabrication.

Visit www.ksc.kaust.edu.sa to find out more!

KETMarket - Open Innovation Marketplace

ketmarket logo
KETMarket facilitates and recreates interaction between European SME, industry research organisations and investors with a digital platform and marketplace for technology and innovations. The platform catalyses the transformation of ideas into products and accelerates the product development process to 50% less duration and with improved cost efficiency. With that, European SME fulfil projected market needs faster and keep the economic advantage. Scientists and researchers realize their results and knowledge into the market. Innovators and inventors will turn their creations quickly to profitable businesses. Innovation Investors gain maximum possible local and international security for their investments.

The Start-up KETMarket solves multiple challenges Small and Medium Enterprises are facing. The KETMarket platform bridges the existing gaps to make funds accessible, connects local networks internationally to access cutting-edge technology, and covers the language barriers. It connects inventors, innovators, research facilities, investors, producers, and sales experts on a European level and internationally. With that KETMarket caters to the individual needs of all its platform members.

KETMarket 's mission and focus is to accelerate technology uptake in the market and to provide all SME in the European Economic Area fast-track access to any technologies they require. It provides access to financing and funding and to customers and supply chains. This allows companies to turn their ideas to market successful products radically faster and cheaper.

Visit www.ketmarket.eu to find out more!

Kroenert GmbH & Co. KG

kroenert logo
For over 110 years KROENERT has been the global leader in providing turnkey line solutions in the field of coating, printing and lamination technology for web-like materials such as paper, foil and film. KROENERT views itself as a driver for development in coating technology, and has its own research and test centres, where environmentally friendly and modern solutions are developed and tested. The company earns the trust.

KROENERT and their sister company Coatema are offering coating, printing and laminating machines to fulfil the requests from the market for R2R technology for large area Printed Electronic. In all cases of Printed Electronics, customized machine solutions and processes are required, based on standardized advanced technology machine components. The largest OPV coating and printing line was delivered to CSEM Brazil. In addition the focus was given to printing of sensors for food packaging applications.

Visit www.kroenert.de to find out more!

Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Devices (AMDE Lab) - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

amde logo
The scope of AMDE Lab, AUTH, is the development and research of high-tech activities, the collaboration with research centers and academic institutions, and the organization of scientific events. The research activities of AMDE Lab are the synthesis and growth of high-tech materials, along with characterization using X-ray, spectroscopic and thermoanalytical methods. The applications included are the fields of coatings and thin film technology, thermoelectric materials, polymer nanocomposites (thermally conductive polymer nanocomposites, geothermal applications, adhesives from renewable new materials), biomaterials/bioceramics, works of art/cultural heritage, and minerals/gemstones. Characterization services are conducted with X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS/AES), Thermal analysis (TGA & DSC), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and imaging (FTIR/micro-FTIR/ATR/FPA), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDS), and UV-Vis spectrophotometry.

Visit www.amdelab.physics.auth.gr to find out more!

Laboratory of Building Materials, School of Civil Engineering - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

lbm logo
The Laboratory of Building Materials is one of the main laboratories that have been operating since the founding of the Polytechnic School. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge to students at Polytechnic School and postgraduate students of different programs, on modern materials (cement, aggregates, concrete, steel), traditional materials of monuments and historic buildings, and repair materials. The applied research for the promotion of new materials with industrial by-products in construction and the research on the analysis of historic mortars are the main interests of the laboratory. The utilization of nanoparticles and the evaluation of the modified properties of modern (cement, metakaolin) and traditional binders (hydrated lime, pozzolan, clay) is a research topic occupying PhD students and researchers of the laboratory. The research of nano-modified materials will contribute to the improved properties for the production of innovative materials for specialized applications.

Visit www.lbm.civil.auth.gr to find out more!

Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers and Colors - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

bikiarislab logo
The Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers and Colors serves all the educational and research needs in the fields of science and technology of polymers and colours. As far as education is concerned, lessons are taught Α. at the undergraduate level: Macromolecular Chemistry, Industrial Organic Chemistry, Polymer Technology, Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Techniques, Surfactants, Chemistry and Technology of Color and B. at postgraduate level specialization courses on the science of polymers and nanocomposite materials, Fibers and Dyeing Technology.
The members of the laboratory have made an important contribution to research by publishing hundreds of research papers in international scientific journals and conferences, as well as participating in numerous research projects. BIOMAC (European Sustainable BIO-based nanoMAterials Community) (https://www.biomac-oitb.eu/en/normal/home) is a Horizon2020 project that will establish an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), a true collaborative ecosystem where technologies and solutions utilising nano-enabled bio-based materials (NBMs) will be upscaled and prepared for market applications.

Visit www.bikiarislab.wixsite.com/bikiarislab to find out more!

LIFE NanoExplore Project

nanoexplore logo
The Life NanoExplore project is working to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of an integrated approach to conduct biomonitoring studies, characterise exposure levels and elucidate possible health effects deriving from exposure to engineered nanomaterials (ENM) in indoor workplaces and urban areas. NanoExplore promotes a harmonized approach to overcome current data gaps and barriers limiting the implementation of the REACH regulation and the use of human bio-monitoring data in the protection of human health and the environment when dealing with particles in the nanometer range (1-100 nm) by combining long series of robust data on the concentration of ENMs measured by a wireless sensor network (WSN) of monitoring devices, appropriate biomarkers, and a tailored designed data management application. This approach addresses current environmental, health, and safety questions about ENMs, providing stakeholders from government, industry, NGOs, or the general public, with reliable data on the concentration and effects of particles in the nanometer range (1-100 nm).

Visit www.lifenanoexplore.eu to find out more!

Nanoscribe GmbH & Co. KG

nanoscribe logo
With around 100 highly qualified employees, we develop products and services on the basis of Nanoscribe’s Two-Photon Polymerization technology. Providing hardware, software, materials and processes as a complete solution is the key to our customers’ success today. More than 2,000 active users of our systems located in over 30 countries rely on our technology and systems.
Over 25% of our annual revenues are regularly invested in the future of microfabrication. Thus we deliver smart solutions that inspire our customers and enable them to materialize ground-breaking ideas.
As the pioneer and market leader in high-precision additive manufacturing, we push the limits of 3D printing and challenge the state-of-the-art in microfabrication. Our technology empowers cutting edge science and drives industrial innovations in a wide variety of sectors such as microoptics, micromechanics, biomedical engineering, and photonics technologies.
Trust and customer satisfaction are particularly important to us. Sales and support are provided worldwide from locations in Germany, China and the USA, as well as by a global network of certified distributors.

Visit www.nanoscribe.com to find out more!

MUSICODE H2020 Project

musicode logo
The MUSICODE project (“an experimentally-validated multi-scale materials, process and device modelling & design platform enabling non-expert access to open innovation in the Organic and Large Area Electronics Industry”) aims to create a multiscale materials-process-device modelling platform for the organic and large area electronics (OLAE) industry, featuring integrated data management, ontology-based semantic interoperability across modelling scales and user-friendly workflow design tools, all in close collaboration with academic labs and industrial pilot-lines to adopt and validate industry-accepted modelling protocols. The project will develop a business plan to ensure its sustainability and exploitation with the ambition to become the central open innovation hub for the OLAE industry and a paradigm for cross-domain applications.

MUSICODE receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Call DT-NMBP-11-2020 “Open Innovation Platform for Materials Modelling”, with 11 top European partners from academia and industry participating in the project (duration 2021-2024, total EU funding €4,992,000.00).

Visit www.musicode.eu to find out more!


nanonet logo
Nano|Net is an initiative for the promotion of communication and collaboration between research and business organizations activated in the fields of Nano-Bio-Technologies. Its' main purpose is to reinforce and promote Nanotechnologies in Greece, Europe and Worldwide, through an interscientific approach. Nano|Net started in 2003 from Nanotechnology Lab LTFN - AUTh, counting more than >640 individual members (>1450 cluster members) worldwide (including University Labs, Research Institutes, Companies, Hospitals etc.)!

Visit www.nano-net.gr to find out more!

Open Innovation Platforms

open innovation platforms logo
Open Innovation Platforms for integrated materials modelling and materials processing development will revolutionize the EU’s Industries by enabling them to set up experiments, reduce error and enhance efficiency of the manufacturing process in numerous application areas.

Towards this objective, three EU H2020 Projects, MUSICODE (musicode.eu), VIPCOAT (ms.hereon.de/vipcoat) and OpenModel (open-model.eu) funded under the H2020 Call DT-NMBP-11-2020, are developing novel solutions in order to provide to the EU’s Industrial stakeholders material model workflows spanning from materials design to materials processing and manufacturing validated in an industrial context, which meet specified technical as well as business requirements.

The three Open Innovation Platforms address the industrial domains of Organic Electronics, Protective Coatings, and Metal Forming and Composites, respectively.

Visit www.musicode.eu, www.ms.hereon.de/vipcoat and www.open-model.eu to find out more!

Organic Electronic Technologies (OET)

oet logo
Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) is a world leader in roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing and technologies for flexible Organic and Printed Electronics (OEs) holding more than 30 years of experience.

OET is a High-Tech company involved in the design, thin films manufacturing processes and production of innovative flexible Organic Printed Photovoltaic (OPV) and Organic LED (OLED) technologies.

Optical precision metrology and pulsed laser for patterning tools and their integration in OPV production line processes are also a main activity of the company.

OET, through its latest successful R&D developments, has implemented an innovative OPV Panel which is differentiated from competitors for its high transparent and uniform membrane (with minimum discontinuities instead of the existing stripe-patterned panels). This product is most suitable and attractive for the Buildings (BIOPV) segment because of its unique aesthetics design and its outstanding performance and payback period.

OET’s unique core competencies include:

  • R2R manufacturing and mass production of fully printed OPVs
  • Process technologies and manufacturing automations for flexible OPVs and OLEDs
  • In-line optical metrologies and quality control tools for process reliability and manufacturability
  • In-line Pulsed Laser patterning tools for minimal losses and high quality and performance devices at low T
  • Turn-key Solutions for design and development of highly performing OPV and OLED applications

OET invests in young professionals with high expertise in rising and contemporary scientific fields, while matchmaking its human assets with established business professionals.

Visit www.oe-technologies.com to find out more!

RealNano H2020 Project

realnano logo
RealNano is an ambitious 36-month project that will develop novel and fast real-time nano-characterization materials tools & methodologies based on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Raman Spectroscopy, Imaging Photoluminescence and Laser Beam Induced Current Mapping that will be integrated to in-line R2R (Roll-to-Roll) Printing and OVPD (Organic Vapor Phase Deposition) Pilot-to-Production Lines (PPLs) for characterization of Organic & Printed Electronics (OE) nanolayers, devices & products during their manufacturing.

RealNano will start from TRL4 to achieve TRL6.

The consortium consists of 10 partners from 6 different European Countries (Greece, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, United Kingdom).

Visit www.realnano-project.eu to find out more!

Research Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

authrc logo

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) through its Research Committee participates in the 12th NANOTEXNOLOGY Expo 2022 with four laboratories - exhibitors that are active in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies.

The participants are:

  1. Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Devices (AMDE Lab)
  2. Laboratory of Building Materials, School of Civil Engineering
  3. Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers and Colors
  4. Theoretical and Computational Solid State Physics

During the last 12 years, more than 10000 research projects have been implemented in AUTh, whereas about 140 of them were related with Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine.

The Research Committee of AUTh is the legal body responsible for the administration of funded projects and other related services which are provided by the members of the AUTh. The Research Committee has an extensive experience in the management of research projects funded by national, European, and international public and private organizations.

Visit www.rc.auth.gr to find out more!


sciprios logo
We are a startup in Nuremberg providing lab automation equipment and turnkey pilot production lines for printed electronics including printing, patterning, backend and complete device processes. The founders around Dr. Tobias Stubhan accumulate more than 70 years of experience in printing and upscaling photovoltaics and other printed electronic devices with efficient, large scale and production-compatible processes. In 2022, we introduce our SpinBot One system that automates spincoating and characterization work starting at only 36.000 Euro - a solution for every lab.

Visit www.sciprios.de to find out more!


semilab logo
SEMILAB is a leading supplier of advanced metrology equipment for material and process control in the microelectronic, display, photovoltaic and printed electronics industries, for both R&D, manufacturing and production control. Measurement techniques provide complex optical and electrical characterization of a wide range of materials and thin films in single or multi-layer structures.

Process control equipment can be implemented offline with appropriate sampling with small manual type tools, in-line in the production flow with fully automated systems and high resolution and speed, or even integrated into manufacturing equipment, such as roll-to-roll coaters or very large area like flat panel display.

Visit www.semilab.com to find out more!

Smartline H2020 Project

smartline logo
SmartLine is an ambitious Project that created intelligent and zero-defect manufacturing processes by developing robust and non-destructive in-line metrology tools (optical, electrical, structural) and process control platform to achieve the reliable and closed-loop manufacturing of Organic Electronic devices (OPVs and OLEDs for lighting) by Roll-to-Roll Printing and Organic Vapour Phase Deposition (OVPD) pilot lines.

The consortium consists of 7 partners from 4 different European Countries (Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands).

Visit www.smartline-project.eu to find out more!

Theoretical and Computational Solid State Physics - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

cossphy logo

  • Theoretical and computational modeling of crystalline structures. Crystalline as well as amorphous materials, extended defects, surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures (nanoclusters, nanoparticles, quantum dots and wires) of technological important materials.
  • The development and implementation of modern methods of atomistic computational modeling and simulations.
  • Computational methods on Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, interatomic potentials as well as ab initio (first principles) and Density Functional Theory calculations.
  • Modeling and computational investigation on all physical properties of matter in their ground state as well as modeling of statistical physics processes.
  • Transport properties and phenomena.
  • Computational methods on excited state of matter.
  • Computational simulations of kinetic processes (diffusion reaction, percolation, etc.) of matter as well as materials growth processes.
  • Theoretical Solid-State Physics and Statistical Physics, Complex Systems, Network Theory (Computer Networks, Social Networks, Biological Networks, etc.).
  • Computational analysis and representations of data (Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Deep learning, etc.)

Visit www.cossphy.web.auth.gr to find out more!

Vector Technologies LTD

unishape logo
Vector Technologies was established as a major supplier of measuring instruments and high technology systems specialized in sales, marketing, technical support and after sales service.

Today the company is recognized as a pioneer and one of the most specialized companies in the domestic market. Vector Technologies, which is certified with the international standard of ISO 9001:2008, has a significant and in depth experience and offers innovative solutions and measuring systems on the market of telecommunications and electronics.

With new organizational structure and constantly oriented in technological innovations, we can achieve even greater efficiency for the services provided and help our customers in choosing the best solutions corresponding to their needs.

Our mission is to provide to our customers the most suitable solutions for their specific requirements, always combining the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

Our strategy is working in cooperation with the world's leading suppliers, along with the high expertise of our people and this is a guarantee of quality and success of our services to every electronic application.

Our facilities are located at Vrilissia Attikis and besides the offices include warehouses, integration center, demo center and training facilities.

Visit www.vectortechnologies.gr to find out more!


Sponsors 2022

Gold Sponsor

Organic Electronic Technologies (OET)

oet logo
Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) is a world leader in roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing and technologies for flexible Organic and Printed Electronics (OEs) and holds more than 25 years experience in thin film technologies and processes.

OET‘s core activities include thin films manufacturing processes and production for OPVs and OLEDs, encapsulation technologies, and unique in-line optical precision metrology and pulsed laser for patterning tools. OET integrates all OEs processes and technologies into production lines for Energy and Lighting in automotive, buildings, wearables, IoT, smart packaging, etc.

OET‘s R&D center includes printing and vacuum pilot lines integrated with in-line optical metrology for quality control and in-line pulsed laser tools, available for process development, prototypes and low-to medium-volume production. OET is the co-founder of the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A).

Visit www.oe-technologies.com to find out more!

Silver Sponsor

BL Nanobiomed

BL nanobiomed Logo
BL Nanobiomed is a high tech company that applies nanomedicine technologies and strategies to deal with unmet medical needs.

BL Nanobiomed focuses on the development of novel nanotechnologies, manufacturing processes for the development of innovative drug eluting nano-systems, nanoparticles and nanoplatforms to advance the performance of implants, the implementation of nanoscale techniques for their thorough characterization and validation, the technology licensing and technology transfer.

Visit www.bl-nanobiomed.com to find out more!

Bronze Sponsor

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

coatema logo
For more than 40 years the innovative equipment manufacturer from Germany provides flexible and efficient one-stop-shop solutions for coating, printing and laminating. Our business strategy and value proposition has been focused on innovations for growing markets with new coating technologies requirements, such as printed electronics, sustainable packaging, membranes, renewables and medicine. Our product portfolio covers the full range from tabletop solution up to production lines up to 3.000 mm working width.

Since August 2018 Coatema is a member of the German-based ATH-Group, together with the companies KROENERT (equipment for converting and technical films) DRYTEC (dryer systems) and ZAE (drive systems). These combined competencies allow us to offer our costumers high end state-of-the art solutions for their processes.

In our 1200m² R&D center our customers can perform basic research, process development and the production of pilot and small production quantities, using 13 different machine platforms with over 20 application systems.

With these technical facilities and our process development and R&D expert, Coatema provides the innovation needed for your products.

Visit www.coatema.de to find out more!


American Elements

American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity metal & ceramic nanopowders, chemicals, nanocrystals, & nanotechnology materials for organic chemistry, nanoelectronics & nanomedicine
American Elements is the world’s manufacturer of engineered & advanced materials with a catalogue of over 30,000 products including high purity chemicals, semiconductors, metals and compounds for petrochemicals, photovoltaics, lasers, optics, solar energy, and fuel cells. American Elements maintains manufacturing and research facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and China.

Visit www.americanelements.com find out more!

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB)

hzb logo
A secure and sustainable supply of energy is one of the greatest challenges for society. The mission of the HZB is to understand, improve, and develop new energy materials. We are able to bring the most modern infrastructure and instruments to bear on this research, in particular with the BESSY II electron storage ring, which is a particle accelerator that delivers synchrotron radiation in the soft X-ray and VUV regions.

At the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB), we conduct research on complex systems of materials that contributes to dealing with challenges such as the energy transition. The HZB research portfolio includes solar cells, solar fuels, thermoelectrics, and materials for new, energy-efficient information technologies (spintronics) or electrochemical energy storage. Research on these energy materials is closely connected with the operation and advanced development of the BESSY II photon source. And our research approach always concentrates on thin-film technologies.

We work together with specialists in energy materials research and accelerator development from the world over. About 2,000 scientists annually from research institutions throughout the world come as guest researchers to conduct their experiments at the BESSY II electron storage ring, with many of them making return visits. Our CoreLabs as well as instrument time on the BER II neutron source can also be booked by external scientists.

Visit www.helmholtz-berlin.de to find out more!


ion logo
IONPLUS Company, which is based in Thessaloniki, Greece, was established in 1992 and has as its main target the promotion and full technical support of analytical and industrial hi-tech equipment. Maximal contribution to the technological improvement and development of our clients consist our aim and commitment. The main sectors on which our activities are focused are:

  • Industry (Food, Drink, Petroleum, Medicine, Chemical, Paint, Packaging).
  • Environmental Technology.
  • Research and Quality Control Institutes.
  • Hospitals
  • University

Visit www.ionplus.gr to find out more!

Kanidis Athanasios & Co

KANIDIS ATHANASIOS & Co is a ten years old company which serves as a distributor of laboratory products addressed to immunology, molecular biology and pathology labs. It is based in Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city), and has a subsidiary in Greece's capital city, Athens, covering the whole country.

Visit www.kanidis.gr find out more!


lsc logo
Life Science Chemilab S.A. (LSC) is a dynamic trade company in the laboratory and medical field, serving successfully the Greek market since 2009, officially representing globally strong and well known manufacturers in academia, research and industry, like Sigma Aldrich (Merck company), Olympus, Honeywell, Eppendorf, Cole Parmer, Fisher Scientific. The company, member of Pascal Strouza Group, has its headquarters in Athens and a branch office in Thessaloniki, providing total solutions in products and services for laboratories.

  • Chemicals, reagents and kits
  • Analytical chemistry consumables
  • Life science and biology products
  • Materials science products (Nanomaterials, Biomaterials)
  • Rapid test kits
  • Glassware & plasticware
  • Filtration & sampling systems
  • Microscopes, stereoscopes, cameras and advanced imaging systems
  • Bioreactors
  • Laboratory instrumentation (i.e. pipettes, centrifuges, incubators, PCR, spectrophotometers, safety cabinets, refrigerators and freezers, benchtop and portable instruments etc)

Visit www.lsc.gr to find out more!


unishape logo
Unishape has been specializing in the design industry through CAD-CAM systems for 20 years. The excellent know-how and innovative prototype printing methods that follow, have established Unishape in the difficult and demanding era of 3D technology. The experience of the past combined with the continuous technological upgrade, result in the company's response to the requirements of the time by offering solutions and products of excellent quality and precision to customers. With the up-to-date and highly trained staff, can provide training in the use of 3D design softwares as well as CNC machines, Rapid Prototyping, Laser Marking, Engraving, Welding, 3D Scanner. Being technologically trained through a variety of seminars and continuously training, Unishape has distinguished itself in the field of Orthodontics and Dentistry, responsibly providing integrated digital solutions to professionals of this era. Listening to the needs of both experienced and young professionals in each individual subsector, Unishape constantly adapts products and services making them accessible, both in cases of a professional development and in cases of a professional start-up.

Visit www.unishape.gr to find out more!


alfaview logo

Visit www.alfaview.com find out more!

FlexFunction2Sustain H2020 Project

FF2S logo

Visit www.flexfunction2sustain.eu find out more!

NanoMECommons H2020 Project

nanomecommons logo

Visit www.nanomecommons.net find out more!

Plaisio Computers

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airblock logo

Visit www.airblock.gr find out more!

Air Metal

airmetal logo

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Delta Function

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Anastasios Digas LP

digkas logo

Visit www.digas.gr find out more!



Visit www.dotcompc.gr find out more!


jacomex logo

Visit www.jacomex.fr find out more!


lexmark logo

Visit www.lexmark.com find out more!


linde logo

Visit www.linde.gr find out more!


ntmdt logo

Visit www.ntmdt-si.com find out more!


olympus logo

Visit www.olympus-lifescience.com find out more!


pam logo

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space logo

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unique logo

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Vector Technologies LTD

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andronakis logo

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depia logo

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Kokkalas Nikos

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rgalarm logo

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Sector Security

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Sidiropoulos S.A.

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Zarifopoulos S.A.

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PORTO PALACE Conference Centre & Hotel

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