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Gold Sponsor

Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (OET)

oet logo
Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) is a world leader in roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing and technologies for flexible Organic and Printed Electronics (OEs) and holds more than 25 years experience in thin film technologies and processes.

OET‘s core activities include thin films manufacturing processes and production for OPVs and OLEDs, encapsulation technologies, and unique in-line optical precision metrology and pulsed laser for patterning tools. OET integrates all OEs processes and technologies into production lines for Energy and Lighting in automotive, buildings, wearables, IoT, smart packaging, etc.

OET‘s R&D center includes printing and vacuum pilot lines integrated with in-line optical metrology for quality control and in-line pulsed laser tools, available for process development, prototypes and low-to medium-volume production. OET is the co-founder of the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A).

Visit www.oe-technologies.com to find out more!

Silver Sponsor

BL-Nanobiomed P.C.

BL nanobiomed Logo
BL Nanobiomed P.C. is a high tech company that applies nanomedicine technologies and strategies to deal with unmet medical needs.

BL Nanobiomed focuses on the development of novel nanotechnologies, manufacturing processes for the development of innovative drug eluting nano-systems, nanoparticles and nanoplatforms to advance the performance of implants, the implementation of nanoscale techniques for their thorough characterization and validation, the technology licensing and technology transfer.

Visit www.bl-nanobiomed.com to find out more!

Bronze Sponsor

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

coatema logo
Coatema introduces its latest advancements in lab2fab roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet manufacturing equipment at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021, Thessaloniki, Greece 5 – 9 July 2021.

For more than 40 years the innovative equipment manufacturer from Germany provides flexible and efficient one-stop-shop solutions for coating, printing and laminating. Our business strategy and value proposition has been focused on innovations for growing markets with new coating technologies requirements, such as printed electronics, sustainable packaging, membranes, renewables and medicine. Our product portfolio covers the full range from tabletop solution up to production lines up to 3.000 mm working width.

Since August 2018 Coatema is a member of the German-based ATH-Group, together with the companies KROENERT (equipment for converting and technical films) DRYTEC (dryer systems) and ZAE (drive systems). These combined competencies allow us to offer our costumers high end state-of-the art solutions for their processes.

In our 1200m² R&D center our customers can perform basic research, process development and the production of pilot and small production quantities, using 13 different machine platforms with over 20 application systems.

With these technical facilities and our process development and R&D expert, Coatema provides the innovation needed for your products.

Our main interest for the ISFOE are Renewables, Printed electronic products and Nanoimprinted technologies.

Visit www.coatema.de to find out more!


American Elements

American Elements, global manufacturer of high purity metal & ceramic nanopowders, chemicals, nanocrystals, & nanotechnology materials for organic chemistry, nanoelectronics & nanomedicine
American Elements is the world’s manufacturer of engineered & advanced materials with a catalogue of over 30,000 products including high purity chemicals, semiconductors, metals and compounds for petrochemicals, photovoltaics, lasers, optics, solar energy, and fuel cells. American Elements maintains manufacturing and research facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and China.

Visit www.americanelements.com find out more!

Bergfeld Lasertech - Laser systems for R&D - in glove box, vacuum and air

Bergfeld Lasertech
Bergfeld Lasertech GmbH delivers laser systems for glove box, vacuum systems and desktop systems for air. We also provide rental laser sources and laser systems. Additionally we do feasibility studies and contract research for perovskite PV, OLED and battery electrodes.

We also support integration of laser technologies and laser processes into industrial production systems.

Bergfeld Lasertech GmbH is located in Aachen (Germany) and is founded by professor Bergfeld as a spin-off from Aachen university of applied sciences in Jülich.

Visit www.bergfeld-lasertech.de find out more!


ion logo
IONPLUS Company, which is based in Thessaloniki, Greece, was established in 1992 and has as its main target the promotion and full technical support of analytical and industrial hi-tech equipment. Maximal contribution to the technological improvement and development of our clients consist our aim and commitment. The main sectors on which our activities are focused are:

  • Industry (Food, Drink, Petroleum, Medicine, Chemical, Paint, Packaging).
  • Environmental Technology.
  • Research and Quality Control Institutes.
  • Hospitals
  • University

Visit www.ionplus.gr to find out more!

Kanidis Athanasios & Co

KANIDIS ATHANASIOS & Co is a ten years old company which serves as a distributor of laboratory products addressed to immunology, molecular biology and pathology labs. It is based in Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city), and has a subsidiary in Greece's capital city, Athens, covering the whole country.

Visit www.kanidis.gr find out more!


lsc logo
Life Science Chemilab S.A. (LSC) is a dynamic trade company in the laboratory and medical field, serving successfully the Greek market since 2009, officially representing globally strong and well known manufacturers in academia, research and industry, like Sigma Aldrich (Merck company), Olympus, Honeywell, Eppendorf, Cole Parmer, Fisher Scientific. The company, member of Pascal Strouza Group, has its headquarters in Athens and a branch office in Thessaloniki, providing total solutions in products and services for laboratories.

  • Chemicals, reagents and kits
  • Analytical chemistry consumables
  • Life science and biology products
  • Materials science products (Nanomaterials, Biomaterials)
  • Rapid test kits
  • Glassware & plasticware
  • Filtration & sampling systems
  • Microscopes, stereoscopes, cameras and advanced imaging systems
  • Bioreactors
  • Laboratory instrumentation (i.e. pipettes, centrifuges, incubators, PCR, spectrophotometers, safety cabinets, refrigerators and freezers, benchtop and portable instruments etc)

Visit www.lsc.gr to find out more!

MDPI Biosensors

mdpi biosensors logo
Biosensors (ISSN 2079-6374) provides an advanced forum for studies related to the science and technology of biosensors and biosensing. It publishes original research papers, comprehensive reviews and communications. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. Biosensors is covered by leading indexing services, including Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Scopus (Elseiver), PubMed and other relevant databases. The latest Impact Factor (IF) is 3.240 and the CiteScore is 4.4.

Visit www.mdpi.com/journal/biosensors to find out more!


unishape logo
Unishape has been specializing in the design industry through CAD-CAM systems for 20 years. The excellent know-how and innovative prototype printing methods that follow, have established Unishape in the difficult and demanding era of 3D technology. The experience of the past combined with the continuous technological upgrade, result in the company's response to the requirements of the time by offering solutions and products of excellent quality and precision to customers. With the up-to-date and highly trained staff, can provide training in the use of 3D design softwares as well as CNC machines, Rapid Prototyping, Laser Marking, Engraving, Welding, 3D Scanner. Being technologically trained through a variety of seminars and continuously training, Unishape has distinguished itself in the field of Orthodontics and Dentistry, responsibly providing integrated digital solutions to professionals of this era. Listening to the needs of both experienced and young professionals in each individual subsector, Unishape constantly adapts products and services making them accessible, both in cases of a professional development and in cases of a professional start-up.

Visit www.unishape.gr to find out more!

Plaisio Computers

plaisio logo

Visit www.plaisio.gr find out more!


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airblock logo

Visit www.airblock.gr find out more!

Air Metal

airmetal logo

Visit www.airmetal.gr find out more!

Delta Function

dfunction logo

Anastasios Digas LP

digkas logo

Visit www.digas.gr find out more!



Visit www.dotcompc.gr find out more!


jacomex logo

Visit www.jacomex.fr find out more!


lexmark logo

Visit www.lexmark.com find out more!


linde logo

Visit www.linde.gr find out more!


ntmdt logo

Visit www.ntmdt-si.com find out more!


olympus logo

Visit www.olympus-lifescience.com find out more!


pam logo

Visit www.pam.gr find out more!


space logo

Visit www.space.gr find out more!


unique logo

Visit unique.gr find out more!

Vector Technologies LTD

vector logo

Visit www.vectortechnologies.gr to find out more!


andronakis logo

Visit www.andronakis.gr to find out more!


depia logo

Visit www.depia.gr to find out more!


extherm logo

Visit www.extherm.gr to find out more!

Kokkalas Nikos

kokkalas logo

Visit www.kokkalasnikos.gr to find out more!


nflex logo

Visit www.nflex.gr to find out more!


rgalarm logo

Visit www.rgalarm.gr to find out more!

Sector Security

sector logo

Visit www.sector.gr to find out more!

Sidiropoulos S.A.

sidiropoulos logo

Visit www.sidiropoulos-sa.gr to find out more!


sinergo logo

Visit www.sinergo.gr to find out more!


somon logo

Visit www.somon.gr to find out more!

Zarifopoulos S.A.

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Visit www.zarifopoulos.com to find out more!

PORTO PALACE Conference Centre & Hotel

portopalace logo

Visit www.portopalace.gr find out more!



Media Partners 2021

MDPI Sensors

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Visit www.mdpi.com/journal/sensors find out more!

MDPI Coatings

mdpi coatings logo

Visit www.mdpi.com/journal/coatings find out more!

MDPI Biosensors

mdpi biosensors logo

Visit www.mdpi.com/journal/biosensors find out more!



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