NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022 will be a Hybrid multi-event, combining Live (On-site) and Virtual (On-line) presentations and participation.

4-7 July 2022
4-7 July 2022

15th Int. Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics

6-7 July 2022
6-7 July 2022

5th Int. Conference on 3D Printing, AI, Manufacturing

4-8 July 2022
4-8 July 2022

12th Int. Exhibition on Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine

5-8 July 2022
5-8 July 2022

19th Int. Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies

2-9 July 2022
2-9 July 2022

16th Int. Summer Schools on Nanotechnologies

5-7 July 2022
5-7 July 2022

Business Forum and
Matchmaking Event


2-9 July 2022


4-8 July 2022

Welcome to NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022

We are pleased to invite you to NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022, 2 - 9 July 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece

NANOTEXNOLOGY is the largest technology, networking and matchmaking annual event in Europe and it includes the premier and Internationally established events:

NANOTEXNOLOGY explores the opportunities in the emerging fields of Nanotechnologies, Organic & Printed Electronics and Nanomedicine. NANOTEXNOLOGY brings together over 2,000 researchers, scientists, engineers, business, technical and policy professionals to promote research and industrial collaborations, identify priorities and strengthen the innovation ecosystem.



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Some of NANOTEXNOLOGY 2022 Invited Speakers

 palasantzas George Palasantzas
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
 vizirianakis Ioannis S. Vizirianakis
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, AUTH, Greece
 damnjanovic Milan Damnjanovic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
 anthopoulos Thomas Anthopoulos
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 vandewal Koen Vandewal
Hasselt University, Belgium
 kneer Aron Kneer
TinniT Technologies GmbH, Germany
 horwat David Horwat
University of Lorraine, France
 kenanakis George Kenanakis
 rapakousiou Amalia Rapakousiou
Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute, National Hellenic...
 blom Paul Blom
Managing Director, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
 sarakinos Kostas Sarakinos
University of Helsinki, Finland
 colsmann Alexander Colsmann
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
 campoy-quiles Mariano Campoy-Quiles
 lanzani Guglielmo Lanzani
Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
 spirk Stefan Spirk
Graz University of Technology, Austria
 offenhaeusser Andreas Offenhaeusser
Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany
 milosevic Ivanka Milosevic
Department of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
 gorodetsky Alon Gorodetsky
University of California, Irvine, USA
 barquinha Pedro Barquinha
NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), Portugal
 claypole Timothy Claypole
Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, Swansea University, UK
 andrienko Denis Andrienko
Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
 linhardt Anne Linhardt
Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria
 de-angelis Francesco De Angelis
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
 yumusak Cigdem Yumusak
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
 angeli Martina Aurora Costa Angeli
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
 shastri Prasad Shastri
University of Freiburg, Germany
 steyer Philippe Steyer
National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA Lyon), France
 samuel Ifor Samuel
University of St Andrews, UK
 anastasiadis Spiros Anastasiadis
University of Crete & FORTH IESL, Greece
 boeffel Christine Boeffel
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, Germany
 feitshans Ilise Feitshans
European Scientific Institute, France
 missirlis Yannis Missirlis
Lab of Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece
 martin-krebs Martin Krebs
PrintaBattery, Germany
 biscarini Fabio Biscarini
Italian Institute of Technology/University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
 lidorikis Elefterios Lidorikis
University of Ioannina, Greece
 mclachlan Martyn McLachlan
Imperial College London, UK
 kolbusch Thomas Kolbusch
COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
 thimont Yohann Thimont
University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, France
 andreopoulou Katerina Andreopoulou
Univerisity of Patras, Greece
 farinola Gianluca Maria Farinola
University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy
 jenatsch Sandra Jenatsch
Fluxim AG, Switzerland
 porfyrakis Kyriakos Porfyrakis
University of Greenwich, UK
 fahlteich John Fahlteich
KETMarket GmbH, Germany
 heeney Martin Heeney
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 bucher Nicolas Bucher
VARTA Microbattery GmbH, Germany
 nelson Jenny Nelson
Royal Society Research Professor, Imperial College London, UK
 arenal Raul Arenal
University of Zaragoza, Spain
 goupidenis Paschalis Goupidenis
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
 kioseoglou Joseph Kioseoglou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
 koutsouras Dimitrios Koutsouras
Imec, The Netherlands
 proctor Christopher Proctor
University of Cambridge, UK
 harmandaris Vangelis Harmandaris
The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus
 deligeorgis George Deligeorgis
 mendes Manuel Mendes
NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), Portugal
 ghezzi Diego Ghezzi
EPFL, Switzerland
 sarigiannidou Eirini Sarigiannidou
Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
 wilhelm Fabrice Wilhelm
European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), France
 nypelo Tiina Nypelo
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
 kargl Rupert Kargl
Graz University of Technology, Austria
 moroni Lorenzo Moroni
Scientific Director of the MERLN Institute, Maastrcht University, The Netherlands
 thielemans Wim Thielemans
Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
 lazic Natasa Lazic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
 radonjic Milos Radonjic
Institute of Physics Belgrade, University of Belgrade, Serbia
 tammelin Tekla Tammelin
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
 pierson Jean-Francois Pierson
University of Lorraine, France
 christou Aristos Christou
University of Maryland, USA
 voutsas Tolis Voutsas
Peratech Holdco Limited, UK
 tsetseris Leonidas Tsetseris
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
 pedesseau Laurent Pedesseau
National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Rennes), France
 fatayer Shadi Fatayer
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 faber Hendrik Faber
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 georgiadou Dimitra Georgiadou
University of Southampton, UK
 keivanidis Panagiotis Keivanidis
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
 zergioti Ioanna Zergioti
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
 aernouts Tom Aernouts
Imec, Belgium
 connolly James Patrick Connolly
GeePs-CentraleSupelec, France
 vyrsokinos Konstantinos Vyrsokinos
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
 mekeridis Evaggelos Mekeridis
Organic Electronic Technologies (OET), Greece
 goykhman Ilya Goykhman
Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
 hauser Charlotte Hauser
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 roscioni Otello Maria Roscioni
Goldbeck Consulting Ltd., UK
 graziani Gabriela Graziani
Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, Italy
 kaxiras Efthimios Kaxiras
Harvard University, USA
 raffa Vittoria Raffa
University of Pisa, Italy
 huang Weishan Huang
Louisiana State University, USA
 wang Xiao-Jun Wang
Georgia Southern University, USA
 rivollier Noemie Rivollier
CT-IPC, France
 komvopoulos Kyriakos Komvopoulos
University of California at Berkeley, USA
 bartolomeo Antonio Di Bartolomeo
University of Salerno, Italy
 silva Ravi Silva
University of Surrey, UK
 viskadourakis Zacharias Viskadourakis
 guerra Roberto Guerra
University of Milan, Italy
 kousoulas Konstantin Gus Kousoulas
Louisiana State University, USA
 defranoux Christophe Defranoux
Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co. Ltd., France
 legant Alexander Legant
Nanoscribe GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
 koutsos Vasileios Koutsos
University of Edinburgh, UK
 payne David Payne
Imperial College London, UK
 campagna Dario Campagna
 asadi Kamal Asadi
University of Bath, UK
 basirico Laura Basirico
University of Bologna, Italy
 dykeman Donna Dykeman
 kehagias Nikos Kehagias
Institute of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology NCSR...
 stupakiewicz Andrzej Stupakiewicz
University of Bialystok, Poland
 mitsiadis Thimios Mitsiadis
University of Zurich, Switzerland
 mutinati Giorgio C. Mutinati
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria

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