NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 Program Overview

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 Program Overview




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6-9 July 2020

6-9 July 2020

13th Int. Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics

ISFOE20 Program announced

7-10 July 2020

7-10 July 2020

17th Int. Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies

NN20 Program announced

8-9 July 2020

8-9 July 2020

3rd Int. Conference on 3D Printing


4-11 July 2020

4-11 July 2020

14th Int. Summer Schools on Nanotechnologies

ISSON20 Program announced

6-10 July 2020

6-10 July 2020

10th Int. Exhibition on Nanotechnologies, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine


7-9 July 2020

7-9 July 2020

Business Forum


8 July 2020

8 July 2020

Matchmaking Event

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4-11 July 2020


6-10 July 2020


For the Live or Virtual Event


15 June 2020

Photonic Integrated Circuits Workshop, 4 July 2017


The special workshop “Photonic Integration: bridging technology push with industry needs” is co-organized with the PICS4All Project, a Coordination and Support Action from the EU H2020 ICT programme and aims to give an overview of the Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) technology, to present the advanced fabrication facilities for PICs and to bring together the PIC-value chain of Europe’s key players in the field of photonic integration, including manufacturing and packaging partners, photonic CAD software partners, R&D labs and Photonic IC design houses.  pics4all colour 

The Special Workshop “Photonic Integration: bridging technology push with industry needs” is an one-day workshop and will take place on Thuesday 4th of July 2017.


  • Nano-optoelectronics
  • Photonics
  • Photodetection
  • Polymer optical PCBs
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Silicon Nitride
  • Silicon Germanium Photonics
  • III-V optoelectronics
  • Glass waveguides and components
  • Plasmonic devices
  • Photonic crystals
  • Nanophotonics
  • Photonic sensors
  • Transmitters
  • Modulators
  • Detectors
  • Heterogeneous integration
  • III-V-on-Silicon
  • Laser inscription
  • Nanolithography
  • Packaging


The Photonic Integrated Circuits Workshop will take place on Tuesday July 4th during the NN17 Conference (Workshop 1).

In order to register for the Special Workshop, you can either Register for 1-Day-pass selecting NN option, or Register for the whole NN17 (Full Registration).


Dr. P. Bakopoulos, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., NTUA, Greece (PIC4ALL Project)
Dr. D. Kalavrouziotis, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., NTUA, Greece (PIC4ALL Project)
Dr. S. Kassavetis, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, Physics Department, AUTh, Greece (Local Organizing Committee)

Workshop's Invited Speakers

alemany Mr. Ruben Alemany, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Review on Integrated Microwave Photonic Filters
broeke Dr. Ronald Broeke, Bright Photonics BV, The Netherlands
Photonic Integration: bridging technology push with industry needs... with technology transparent layout and functional design
kouloumentas Dr. Christos Kouloumentas, PCRL, National Technical University of Athens - NTUA, Greece
High performance biosensors based on low Q-factor micro-ring resonators on a silicon nitride platform and signal processing of wavelength scanning data
kraft Dr. Jochen Kraft, AMS AG, Austria
Photonics Sensor Applications: from vertical to horizontal light paths
lawniczuk Dr. Katarzyna Lawniczuk, JePPIX, Photonic Integration Group, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Open access to Photonic IC development
mesquida Mr. David de Felipe Mesquida, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Germany
Polymer-based Hybrid Photonic Components for Next-Generation Data Center and Wireless Networks
petropoulos Prof. Periklis Petropoulos, Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
Silicon Photonic Transmitters for Short-Reach Communication Applications
pitwon Dr. Richard Pitwon, Seagate Systems Ltd, UK
From Fabric to Chip Advances in system embedded photonics in modern data centre environments
pleros Prof. Nikos Pleros, Dept. of Informatics (CSD), AUTh, Greece
CMOS Plasmonics co-integrated with photonics for biosensing and on-chip communication applications

The workshop is supported by:

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Some of NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 Invited Speakers

 koch Norbert Koch
University of Berlin, Germany
 a_christou Aris Christou
University of Maryland, USA
 briscoe Joe Briscoe
Queen Mary University of London, UK
 meroni Simone Meroni
SPECIFIC, Swansea University, UK
 tobias Gerard Tobias
Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB), Spain
 webster Thomas Webster
Northwestern University, USA
 birch Mark Birch
University of Cambridge, UK
 nelloli-pira Nello Li Pira
Fiat Research Centre, Italy
 zacharias Marios Zacharias
Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Germany
 spatz Joachim Spatz
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Germany
 krivosheeva Anna Krivosheeva
Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Belarus
 moustakas Theodore Moustakas
Boston University, USA
 vandewal Koen Vandewal
University of Hasselt, Belgium
 ortmann Frank Ortmann
Technical University of Dresden, Germany
 delivopoulos Evangelos Delivopoulos
University of Reading, UK
 fraboni Beatrice Fraboni
University of Bologna, Italy
 giagka Vasiliki Giagka
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
 malliaras George Malliaras
University of Cambridge, UK
 stojanovic Milan Stojanovic
Columbia University, USA
 de-angelis Francesco De Angelis
Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
 anthopoulos Thomas Anthopoulos
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
 cornil Jerome Cornil
University of Mons, Belgium
 chang-hyun kim Chang-Hyun Kim
Gachon University, Korea
 zhe li Zhe Li
Queen Mary University of London, UK
 amassian Aram Amassian
North Carolina State University, USA
 konofagou Elisa Konofagou
Columbia University, USA
 gelinck Gerwin Gelinck
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
 pinto Fabrizio Pinto
Izmir University of Economics, Turkey
 damljanovic Vladimir Damljanovic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
 gkoupidenis Paschalis Gkoupidenis
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
 milosevic Ivanka Milosevic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
 koblischka Michael Koblischka
Saarland University, Germany
 damnjanovic Milan Damnjanovic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
 almangour Bandar Abdulaziz Al-Mangour
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Arabia
 silva Ravi Silva
University of Surrey, UK
 arenal Raul Arenal
University of Zaragoza, Spain
 constantoudis Vassilios Constantoudis
NCSR Demokritos and Nanometrisis p.c., Greece
 kiparissides Costas Kiparissides
 koutsos Vasileios Koutsos
University of Edinburgh, UK
 leblanc Roger Leblanc
University of Miami, USA
 muskens Otto L. Muskens
University of Southampton, UK
 sendemir Aylin Sendemir
Ege University, Turkey
 lidorikis Elefterios Lidorikis
University of Ioannina, Greece
 vizirianakis Ioannis S. Vizirianakis
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, AUTH, Greece
 zergioti Ioanna Zergioti
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
 antonov Fedor Antonov
Anisoprint LLC, Russia
 steier Ludmilla Steier
Imperial College London, UK
 missirlis Yannis Missirlis
University of Patras, Greece
 stergiou Anastasios Stergiou
National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece
 porfyrakis Kyriakos Porfyrakis
University of Greenwich, UK
 petti Luisa Petti
University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
 jenatsch Sandra Jenatsch
Fluxim AG, Switzerland
 claypole Timothy Claypole
Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, Swansea University, UK
 farinola Gianluca Farinola
University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy
 brunetti Francesca Brunetti
University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy
 macchia Eleonora Macchia
University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy
 kolbusch Thomas Kolbusch
COATEMA Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
 chatziparadisis Asterios Chatziparadisis
General Secretariat of Research & Technology, Greece
 bartolomeo Antonio Di Bartolomeo
University of Salerno, Italy
 hurley Paul Hurley
Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
 feitshans Ilise Feitshans
European Scientific Institute, France & The Work Health & Survival Project, EU/USA
 tasolamprou Anna Tasolamprou
 deligeorgis George Deligeorgis
 krebs Martin Krebs
Varta Microbattery GmbH, Germany
 colsmann Alexander Colsmann
Karlsruhe Institute Technology, Germany
 tallian Miklos Tallian
Semilab Co., Hungary
 mekeridis Evaggelos Mekeridis
OET (Organic Electronic Technologies), Greece



NANOTEXNOLOGY 2020 Exhibitors


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