BIOSENSORS and BIOELECTRONICS Workshop (Joint Workshop with ISFOE24)

This Workshop will focus into the latest breakthroughs in biosensors, bioactuators, and bioelectronics from laboratory research to clinical implementation. Foundational aspects of biosensor design and fabrication/production will be covered and translated into clinical applicationss. In addition, the Workshop will explore the latest advances in biosensors, bioelectronics and associated fields like mobile and digital health expert systems and distributed diagnostics. Furthermore, it aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together researchers, engineers, clinicians, educators and industry professionals to share and discuss the recent trends and address the practical challenges facing the field of Biosensors and Bioelectronics. The poster and oral presentations will give the opportunity to the participants in order to discuss about different topics and in this way share knowledge and collaborate. This Workshop will be held concurrently with NANOMEDICINE Workshop and the ISFOE24, creating a vibrant environment for cross-disciplinary engagement and innovation. bioelectronics

Fundamentals from Materials to Biology and Medicine

  • The interface of organic electronic materials with cells, neurons, drug actuation
  • Electrons and ions at the interface with Biology/ Interface Dynamics of Electrons and Ions in Biological Environments
  • Active Nanosystems from bench to bedside/ from Lab Development to Clinical Application
  • Nanobiosensors, nanomaterials & nanoanalytical systems for diagnosis and therapy of diseases
  • Organic and Hybrid nanomaterials in Biomedical Applications
  • Stimuli-responsive materials
  • Biosensor design and manufacturing
  • Microfluidics, immobilization technology & healthcare
  • Signal transduction Technology
  • Coating Technologies
  • Biomolecular Dynamics
  • Biosensing at biological interfaces
  • Biomechatronics
  • Advanced bioelectronics materials

Biosensors and Bioactuators

  • Micro & Nano Sensors
  • Immuno Sensors
  • Photonic Sensors, Physical & Chemical Sensors
  • DNA chips & Nucleic Acid Sensors
  • Microfluidics Biosensors
  • Enzyme-based Biosensors
  • Lab-on-a-chip, Organism and Whole Cell-based Biosensors
  • Multiplexed biosensors
  • Printable and flexible biosensors
  • Electronic noses
  • Wearable & noninvasive biosensors
  • Implantable sensors & ingestible sensors
  • Biomaterials used in Biosensors
  • Electrodes and transistors utilization in Biosensors
  • Novel transducers
  • Innovations in Drug Delivery devices
  • Neural Interface Technology

Biological and Clinical Applications

  • Organic Bioelectronics
  • Bioelectronics for neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, orthopaedic and other diseases
  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics for Cancer and Infectious disease detection
  • Biosensors in Drug Delivery
  • Bioelectronics for Tissue Regeneration & Regenerative Medicine
  • Bioelectronics and Medical devices
  • Biosensors and bioelectronics for Neural and Brain-machine Interfaces
  • Bioelectronics, Biocomputing & Biofuel cells
  • ICT for Wireless Biomedical Sensor Applications
  • Digital & Mobile diagnostics and Tele-medicine

Applications of Biosensors and Bioelectronics

  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence in biosensors
  • Biosensors for Biosecurity
  • Biosensors for Environmental monitoring
  • Biosensors in Agriculture
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety and Quality Control
  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics in Sports Medicine and Performance

Commercialization in Biosensors and Diagnostic systems

  • Commercial biosensors, manufacturing & markets Biosensors - manufacturing and markets
  • Smartphone diagnostics, wearable biosensors and personal mobile health



G. Malliaras (Chair), Dept of Engineering, Uni of Cambridge, UK
V. Karagkiozaki (Co-Chair), Dep. of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, Greece
Z. Ali, Teesside University, UK
A. Bonfiglio, Uni of Cagliari, Italy
S. Cinti, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
C. Cristea, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Romania
G. Marrazza, University of Florence, Italy
R. Owens, Dept of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Uni of Cambridge, UK
S. Tombelli, Institute of Applied Physics (CNR), Italy
L. Torsi, Dipartimento di Chimica - Università di Bari, Italy
E. Wujcik, University of Maine, USA


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