Here are some videos taken during the NANOTEXNOLOGY multi-event. You can find the whole playlist here. Stay tuned, new videos are added daily!


Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Friday, Thessaloniki, Greece

Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Thursday morning, Thessaloniki, Greece

Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Wednesday afternoon, Thessaloniki, Greece

Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Wednesday, Thessaloniki, Greece

Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Tuesday afternoon, Thessaloniki, Greece

Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Tuesday morning, Thessaloniki, Greece

Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Monday, in Thessaloniki, Greece

SUNUM, Sabanci Istanbul University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

Next-generation in vitro diagnostics, with Prof. A. Alexandrou (Research Director at CNRS Ecole polytechnique)

Prof. Nikos Papaioannou, (Rector at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

Curing cancer using Herpes Virus & curing Malaria using genetic engineering, with Prof. Gus Kousoulas (Louisiana State University, USA)

Nanotechnology, Stem Cells, Genetics improving traditional medicine with Prof. T. Mitsiadis (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Molecular Modeling of Electronic Materials, with Prof. E. Lidorikis (Ioannina University)

Philosophy of Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Biology and more with Prof. Y. Missirlis (University of Patras)

EU Commission funding Scientific Research with G. Katalagarianakis

Atomic-scale Theoretical Physics with Prof. S. Pantelides, Vanderbilt University

Nanoengineering 100TB HAMR Hard Drives with Prof. K. Komvopoulos of Berkeley University

Free Energy, Cheap Solar, The Smart Grid Revolution with Prof. R. Silva of Surrey University

Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery with Prof. N. Peppas (University of Texas at Austin)

Nanotechnology Lab LTFN booth at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

LTFN Nanotechnology Lab Tour at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki Greece

Tour at Nanotexnology 2019 Conference with Prof. S. Logothetidis

OETs' Beach Demos, sunbeds, umbrellas, kiosks powered by flexible OPV

OET's Booth flexible Organic Photovoltaics umbrellas, sunbeds at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

BL Nanobiomed, Nanomedicine Technology at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

Nano|Net Presentation during NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

H2020 Project CORNET Presentation during NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

Sindlhauser Materials LaB6 Lanthanum Hexaboride, PeroLab nanoparticles stable until 2000°C, nontoxic

Goodfellow pure metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites at NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019

EDP Sciences Senior Publishing Editor Ariana Fuga: Physics & astronomy, engineering & technology...

Alexander Innovation Zone, during NANOTEXNOLOGY's 2019 Beach Party

Poster interview during NANOTEXNOLOGY 2019: Controlled clustering of iron oxide nanocubes for magnetic fluid hypothermia treatment


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